Zilliqa Capital Targets ASEAN Region and India with up to $200M Ecosystem Fund

Zilliqa plans ASEAN region and India expansion with up to $200M ecosystem funds. It unveiled this by the launch of Zilliqa Capital.

By · Jul 31, 2020 . 5min read

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Third-generation blockchain and the first decentralized network, Zilliqa to implement sharding protocol plan for the ASEAN region and India expansion with up to $200M ecosystem funds. It made this known by unveiling Zilliqa Capital.

The next generation, high throughput blockchain as it describes itself announced on Twitter that the funds are aimed at driving investment into its ZilHive initiative as well as DeFi infrastructure being built on its network by third-party developers.

Zilliqa is a Singapore-based blockchain entity. With Zilliqa Capital now unveiled, ASEAN countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and of course Singapore and others will be targetted with these funds.

Han Wen, VP of Ecosystem Growth at Zilliqa also heading ZilHive, tweeted:

Wen intends to woo investors with these metrics in his tweet, especially with the ambitious nature of the grants to grow up to $200M. Zilliqa Capital, therefore, will help with the smooth implementation of ZilHive’s mission.

ZilHive is an initiative by Zilliqa. It’s a three-track programme focused on broadening and growing Zilliqa’s ecosystem. It aims to do this by educating, giving grants and incubating startups leveraging Zilliqa’s technology tool stack through an accelerator program.

Since its conception, ZilHive has progressed to its sixth wave issuing grants to about 22 countries across several continents. It continues to support talented entrepreneurs and developers building a variety of wallets, dapps, explorers and APIs. All on Zilliqa network.

ZilHive grantees chart showing them by nations. A total of 22 countries benefitted in the sixth wave. With Zilliqa capital, ASEAN nations and India will benefit more

With Zilliqa Capital, ASEAN and India will feel more impact of ZilHive

Now that Zilliqa has launched Zilliqa Capital, the ASEAN region and India should feel more impact of ZilHive initiative. India particularly continues to get investments. Google earlier announced plans to invest up to $10B in India’s digital economy. Some of which might trickle into blockchain startups. Moreover, even the Indian Prime Minister’s office announced opportunities in blockchain. 

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