Worldwide famous sonic player will receive salary in XRP

Kengo “KEN” Suzuki, the world’s best sonic player, has signed up with the “Super Smash Bros” division of SBI e-sports. He will be paid in XRP.

By · Oct 16, 2020 . 5min read

Sonic player will receive salary in XRP news

Kengo “Ken” Suzuki, the world-famous sonic player, has collaborated with SBI e-Sports, the gaming arm of Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings. Per the contract, Kengo “Ken” Suzuki will receive his annual salary in the XRP cryptocurrency. 

As Suzuki shared on Twitter on Thursday saying he got a new contract with the SBI e-sports’ division named “Super Smash Bros”. SBI e-sports is the electronic sports and video gaming subsidiary of SBI Holdings. It is the most comprehensive Japanese financial services company based in Tokyo. 

As part of the contract agreement, the Sonic player will receive his salary in the Ripple cryptocurrency annually. KEN is the world’s best Wii U player of all time, who secured third in Niconico Tokaigi 2018. Moreover, it is one of Japan’s largest game tournaments by NicoNico Douga.  

SBI e-sports pays maximum professional players via XRP.

For the uninitiated, SBI e-sports repays most of the professional players in its gaming team with Ripple (XRP). It is in accordance with the previous collaboration with SBI VC Trade, another subsidiary of SBI Holdings. It deals with digital currency trading. However, the electronic sports gaming company players seem to be involved in cryptocurrency. Thus, assisting the collaboration to support the salary payment in cryptocurrencies. Meantime, they still have the possibility of earning fiat currency.

The e-sports subsidiary of the long-time Ripple partner SBI Holdings was launched back in July. It intends to promote local Japanese economies and enhance its brand awareness amongst younger audiences. E-sports players are keen on using digital currencies. Moreover, this is the reason behind SBI Holdings offering XRP instead of fiat.

However, aside from KEN, SBI e-sports also welcomed Subaru “Subaridas” Sagano (a.k.a “Mikey”) to its “FIFA” division. Mikey is one of the most prosperous Japanese players in the e-sports. Additionally, it is conventionally under the control of European teams. Moreover, he was amongst the grand finalists of the FIFA eWorld Cup in 2018.

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