Wirex Introduces Multi-Currency Crypto Card in Association with Mastercard

Wirex announced partnership with Mastercard and becomes the first platform to be granted Mastercard principal membership.

By · Sep 18, 2020 . 5min read

Wirex Mastercard Crypto card news

Wirex is a London-based cryptocurrency payment processor. The U.K. Financial Conduct Authority regulates Wirex, with a license to issue crypto cards in Europe. The crypto company becomes the first platform in the industry to secure a Mastercard principal partnership. It plans to launch a new multi-currency crypto card. The new multi-currency crypto Wirex card has already come out as a possible competition-killer with the ability to set a market standard in the crypto payments and FinTech space. 

The multi-currency cryptocurrency card allows cardholders to seamlessly spend various fiat and crypto in daily life without exchanging or offboarding. It links to 19 secure cryptocurrency and traditional currency accounts in the Wirex app. The company believes that these game-changing characteristics, coupled with sky-high goals and next-to-no fees, provide the new Wirex Mastercard with a prominent advantage over its opponents.

Wirex is upgrading its existing Cryptoback rewards program.

According to the reports, Wirex is upgrading its prevailing “Cryptoback” rewards program. Until now, it has compensated users with up to 1.5% back in Bitcoin for each in-store transaction. The rewards will be up to 2% online and in-store, with up to 6% rewards on consumers’ native Wirex Token balance yearly. The crypto company is also working out various other new features, developing a collaboration with payments solution company LHV. 

Wirex not only debuted the world’s first crypto-compatible debit card, but also the first crypto rewards scheme, Cryptoback. It allows users to earn free Bitcoin by employing their Wirex cards in-stores automatically. It has expanded exponentially during 2020, recording an all-time high number of transactions within August. Additionally, it has lately accomplished a milestone of over 3.1 million users on its database. The upcoming launches will further enhance its significant goal of spanning the gap between the conventional and digital economy.

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