Whoever runs Google Ads should be ashamed as Crypto Scams flood the platform, says Crypto YouTuber

Bitboy, a crypto influencer and YouTuber takes the fight to Google Ads, says whoever runs it should be ashamed

By · Aug 13, 2020 . 5min read

Google Ads crypto scam

While YouTube is still facing several lawsuits from notable individuals like Steve Wozniacki, Apple’s co-founder, Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s founder and CEO, a popular crypto YouTuber takes the fight to Google Ads, one of Google’s sisters blasting as crypto scams flood the platform.

In a tweet, crypto influencer and YouTuber, Bitboy says

Even though Bitboy is a crypto savvy fellow at least his handle @Bitcboy_Crypto suggests that reading further down the thread, he claims he made the mistake of clicking through the wrong link. He only came to the realization when the phishing site prompted him to input his private keys.

“Ouch. I actually clicked on the wrong link yesterday and got a warning. I certainly wouldn’t have put in my private key, but it’s easy to do.”


However, not everyone can be as lucky as Bitboy who has armed himself with the basic security tips on how to easily detect a crypto scam. He said

“Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, some are more expensive than others.”


Particularly, Uniswap platform he refers to has become a den for scam crypto tokens. Earlier we reported on the surge of fake tokens flooding the Uniswap DEX, the trend continued by the way.

While the Google Ads issue is still a problem, Crypto Scams keep growing especially with Uniswap’s rise as the leading DEX

The shapeshift-like interphase DEX continues to lead in the decentralized exchange industry as just about anyone can create tokens posing as governance token for popular DeFi platforms that haven’t launched a token yet. With the website URL getting increasing hit, it’s only normal for hackers and scammers to clone it. They are possibly expecting unsuspecting victims to bite the bait.

While Google Ads are being flooded with crypto scams, Uniswap leads in terms of web traffic for DEX
Source: ICO Analytics

While Google Ads might need to address the proliferation of crypto scams on its platform, on the flip side, even legitimate platforms could be affected as we have seen with other tech companies like Twitter and Facebook. Some of these have yanked off legit platforms in the name of clamping down on scams or other offences.

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