Watchdog Capital launches SEC-registered platform for securities offering

Watchdog capital launches Gladius, its SEC-registered matchmaking platform to help facilitate crypto token sales.

By · Jul 24, 2020 . 4min read

Watchdog Capital, registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, has launched its matchmaking platform Gladius for digital securities sales. Watchdog is also a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (Corporation) FINRA.

Investors on the platform will be able to invest in the Securities offering for crypto companies. Gladius is currently still in its beta phase. It will handle all money transfers once it gets up and running.

Securitize is another platform that also offers investors the opportunity to invest in securities. The difference, however, is that Gladius is registered with the SEC while Securitize is not.

Up until now, securities have been vaguely defined in the crypto space. If the SEC decides that cryptocurrency tokens are securities, then it would view cryptos sold as a part of an Initial Coin Offering as an investment. What this means is that companies in the future will have first to get a registration exemption. Registration is expensive, and thus many companies don’t operate in the US to steer clear of the SEC’s attention. The SEC has targeted the likes of Telegram, and Kik in the past for this very same reason.

Bruce Fenton, CEO of Atlantic Capital (registered with Watchdog), made the following statement.

“There is a great need for capital and business formation in the United States and many new securities structures, business models and business plans are emerging as the world is changing. This platform allows issuers to more easily issue & sell securities to the public.”

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