Vitalik Buterin considers Justin Sun’s control of BitTorrent a “Dictatorship”

In a Twitter banter, Vitalik Buterin voices about BitTorrent's annexation as Justin Sun's dictatorship, thus not considering BTT as a token.

By · Nov 16, 2020 . 5min read

Vitalik Buterin on BitTorrent latest news

Vitalik Buterin has recently called Justin Sun current owner of BitTorrent a dictator. Buterin made this remark in a tweet while describing the naming convention cryptocurrency and the broader blockchain industry adopts albeit it informally.

It is not unusual for Buterin and Sun to sometimes engage in Twitter banters and trolling. Buterin specifically said in his tweet that

I do not diplomatically recognize the annexation of BitTorrent by the Sun dictatorship and all the coerced actions that followed it. $BTT is not BitTorrent.

Sun in a comical manner then went ahead to reply Buterin

So….you mean you don’t diplomatically concede I am the President of @BitTorrent? Russia has yet to concede Biden, you learned this from Putin?

The backstory of the argument emanated from Vitalik characteristically sharing some of his thoughts on some specific subject matters in crypto. Vitalik argued that it will be difficult to stop using the term “crypto space” in describing the whole industry of cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies.

Why it’s hard to rename the “crypto space”: Blockchain space: neglects critical tech other than blockchains (eg. ZKPs), and many projects (DAGs) aren’t even chains
Cybercoins: many apps are non-financial
Decentralized web: is Bittorrent included? Tor? Self-hosted blogs?

Vitalik Buterin’s argument on naming convention holds true regardless of how he perceives Justin Sun’s control of BitTorrent

Even Satoshi popularized cryptocurrencies through Bitcoin which arguably uses Blockchain as the underlying technology, several other decentralized technologies exist. The interesting part is that they are decentralized yet do not function with the principle of blockchain. Some notable examples that run on DAG – Decentralized Acyclic Graph are IOTA and Nano (formerly Railblocks).

BitTorrent on its own is one of the internet’s foremost P2P file-sharing technology. Bram Cohen, an American computer programmer created BitTorrent in 2001. Frustrated by the long download times that he experienced using applications such as FTP, he went on to create BitTorrent.

After a series of legal battles, Justin acquired and took control of BitTorrent in 2018. He then integrated the BTT token into the internet file-sharing protocol.

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