Video game giant Atari set to dominate the market with Atari VCS and Token Sale

After 20 years, Atari is set to launch Atari VCS. It will rule the industry with its new console and token sale scheduled in October.

By · Oct 19, 2020 . 5min read

Atari Token Sale latest news

Atari is all set to rule the videogame industry’s crypto market with the sale of $1 million worth of Atari tokens. This announcement comes weeks before releasing its first new console in over 20 years. The Atari VCS will present a way for gamers to spend cryptocurrency while they play.  

Nevertheless, the most-anticipated Atari VCS, the company’s first new console in over 20 years set to launch in November, will possess internet connectivity. Thus, enabling players to purchase products using Atari Tokens. It believes that the tokens will become the standard currency in the sector.

According to the blog post, the tokens will be accessible from October 29 on exchange. It will cost retail investors outside of the U.S. 25 cents each. Tokens can initially be accepted for in-game purchases and partner games, with the Pong developer seeking for use throughout the entire gaming ecosystem.  

Atari VCS as Mini-console or Gaming computer

Coming to Atari VCS, it is an example of a mini-console or gaming computer. It will provide access to over 100 Atari arcade games. It will include home classics such as Pong along with new titles. Moreover, Atari VCS will enable consumers to purchase products via Atari tokens, which will be out for sale in October, as mentioned above.

However, Atari is facing various problems owing to Covid-19. The number of people playing games is on the rise. Moreover, multiple people have lost their jobs or fear of losing it. Hence, there is a limit on spending this holiday season.

While Atari was an astonishingly popular pioneer in the video game industry, it has seen a dramatic fall from grace in recent years. It is surrounded by its competitors that now dominate the industry. It includes Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. The primary factor in domination is pricing. Atari’s all-in bundle consists of an 8-gigabyte Atari VCS, a wireless controller, a classic wireless joystick, and 100 classic arcade and console games. It costs around $390. The Xbox Series S starts at $300.

Conclusively, the Atari’s VCS and crypto token launch is part of its attempts to remain consistent and recover some of its former grandeur.

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