VeChain becomes Sole Blockchain Technology Provider to China’s CAFA

Blockchain Project VeChain becomes a blockchain technology provider for CAFA which includes 130 companies across the globe.

By · Sep 18, 2020 . 6min read

VeChain China's CAFA news
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VeChain, a Blockchain-based business application developer, has officially joined the China Animal Health And Food Safety Alliance (CAFA) as one of the council members. VeChain will be the public blockchain technology provider in the community, offering technical and infrastructural support for the council members. CAFA is a government-supported organization that concentrates firmly on animal health and food safety issues and solves major technical problems and bottlenecks included in the industry chain.

Founded in 2015, VeChain is a leading enterprise-friendly public blockchain platform. It intends to connect blockchain technology to the real world. It connects by providing enterprises with blockchain solutions suitable for their business needs. Additionally, it also offers services to private businesses across various industries.

CAFA Incorporates Various Industry Giants

Over 130 firms are enrolled as members of the alliance. The members include large companies and corporations from the upstream and downstream sectors of the food industry. Additionally, it includes supermarkets, e-commerce platforms, food, and beverage manufacturers. Also, it comprises players in the CTI industry, research laboratories, and agricultural and animal supplies. Moreover, the members include the Chinese subsidiaries of Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Walmart.

CAFA was already utilizing tracking technology of other kinds in the past. It currently utilizes the Food Trust Traceability Program based on QR codes that enable customers to learn data about particular products. For instance, Chicken 2.0, where scanning a QR code, unveils data like the hatchery, environment data, production, the farm, test reports, certification, etc.

VeChain aims to improve CAFA’s strategy of developing a from farm to table traceability system over the nation. Utilizing VeChain’s ToolChain, all enterprise members of the alliance will be able to log vital processes of food products in the blockchain in an immutable and secure way. Moreover, it bridges the trust between customers and enterprises.

Additionally, VeChain ToolChain’s facilitates large-scale, faster, and cost-efficient blockchain. VeChain appears to begin onboarding as many members as feasible, and the process has now commenced. Additionally, it’s first alliance member to go blockchain lately commenced using VeChain’s ToolChain. Started in 2019, VeChain ToolChain has become an important tool for business owners to integrate VeChainThor public blockchain into existing business processes. 

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