US Authorities Indict a Nevada Women for a Bitcoin Murder Plot

US Prosecutors claim that a Nevada woman used dark web and spent $5,000 in Bitcoin to have a hitman murder her abusive ex-husband.

By · Sep 29, 2020 . 7min read

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According to US Authorities, a Nevada woman supposedly paid in bitcoin to have her ex-husband killed via Dark Web. California prosecutors claimed that a Nevada woman paid $5,000 in bitcoin to have a hitman kill her abusive ex-husband. However, the website was a scam. Kristy Lynn Felkins, 36 of Fallon, Nevada, spent $5000 in BTC through a phony website no longer active. Apparently, Felkins contacted the website through a fake account called KBGMKN. In accordance with the US District Court for the Eastern District of California documents, she attempted to recruit a hitman. The federal investigators busted Felkins when they received a tip-off about the website, so they tracked her down, and her BTC transaction to obtain the incriminating messages and arrested her.

The Nevada woman utilized Bitcoin on a dark web marketplace, but the website was a scam, as mentioned above. Thus, the authorities had no trouble finding her. The website was a scam that solely took money from inexperienced consumers and is no longer active, the authorities states. The alleged murder plot started in 2016 as she commenced chatting with someone on the website utilizing the Tor browser. The website told Felkins that she required to hide her transaction to launder the BTC by trading it with various sellers on the peer-to-peer BTC marketplace According to the documents, the Nevada women was sceptical about the website. She even asked them as to how she should believe that they are not FBI.

Mental, Physical and Sexual Abuse are the Potential Reasons Behind Murder

The scam website asked Felkins her reasons for the murder. She states that her ex-husband abused her mentally, physically, and sexually. She says that he took her children away, threatening their well-being. Nevertheless, she proceeded with the transactions and sent 12 BTC worth around $5,000 between March 6 and March 9 in 2016 to have her ex-husband killed outside his workplace in Chico, California. She sent about $5,000 at the time and nearly $130,000 at Thursday’s exchange rate for a hitman to murder VICTIM-1 and make it seem like an accident, the complaint says.

The website reported to Felkins that her husband was not found at his workplace, so when she requested for proof that they discovered his whereabouts, the website delivered a sketchy photo of the location. Nonetheless, Felkins ceased interacting with the website, thus resulting in termination of the same.

Summing it up, the authorities discovered the plot in 2019 and charged Felkins on Thursday. The dark web’s primary usage is for illicit activities. Illicit activities usually include buying guns and drugs. However, authorities are tuning up with the criminals in order to understand how and to what extent are they utilizing the network for illegal purposes.

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