UniChain Fourth Generation Blockchain Platform Enhances DeFi Ecosystem

UniChain, is developing the cryptocurrency technology capable of supporting cutting edge applications, to enhance DeFi sector.

By · Aug 24, 2020 . 6min read

UniChain news

According to a press release by NewsBTC, UniChain opens new frontiers to Blockchain technology easing out DeFi operations. UniChain is developing the cryptocurrency technology capable of supporting cutting edge applications. UniChain is a highly scalable blockchain infrastructure underlying the UniWorld ecosystem. Moreover, it is a fourth-generation blockchain with improved transparency, security, scalability, and transaction processing abilities. This makes it suitable for all DeFi solutions. 

50K Wallets Registered on UniChain

UniWorld released its complete stock of UNW tokens in minutes, at ICO. Uniworld introduced its digital currency, UniCash, or UNW, at ICO. As Registration opened, 1000s of novel users from 141 countries signed up for their individual Uni accounts. It had intended to launch its ICO in a few chosen countries. However, it soon changed its plans for a global release.

Further, the global release has few exceptions. Approximately 50,000 wallets are registered on UniChain, recently. This proves to be a considerable number. Every new wallet comes with 0-5 UNW free of cost. Therefore the revenue stream of Uni’s software products carries the cost.

Handling Million of Transactions per Second

The application of multi-side-chain characteristic makes UniChain a handy blockchain protocol. Further, it can seamlessly verify transactions between multiple sidechains and other blockchains. Additionally, it also utilizes an innovative blend of DPoS and Hotstuff consensus mechanisms. This optimizes data exchange over the network. Thus, it reduces network blockage and high computation power requirements, currently disrupting other blockchain networks. As a result, UniChain can handle up to a million transactions per second, which are analogous, if not better than the VISA and MasterCard networks.

Unichain’s Offers P2P Lending Chain

UniChain’s peer-to-peer lending chain encourages developers to develop and use decentralized P2P microlending platforms in no time. Additionally, users will be able to present their crypto funds to those in requirement securely. Additionally, borrowers get an introduction to funds at engaging interest rates. DeFi is the root chain of the entire UniWorld ecosystem. Moreover, the DeFi solutions applied to UniChain involve peer-to-peer lending networks, decentralized crypto exchange, insurance, etc.

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