U.S. President Donald Trump’s website prone to hack, attackers demand Monero

Days before the US elections, the campaign website for President Donald Trump has been hacked by attackers for cryptocurrency Monero.

By · Oct 29, 2020 . 6min read

Donald Trump's website hack for Monero news

Just a week before Election Day, US President Donald Trump’s website was prone to hack. Hackers broke into US President Donald Trump’s campaign website on Tuesday. Hidden attackers took over sections of the page. Thus, substituting them with what seemed to be a scam to obtain cryptocurrency Monero. There is no evidence, notwithstanding the hackers’ demands, that complete access to trump and relatives was accomplished or the disclosure of the most internal and secret communications rigorously classified information.

The hack, first reported by Gabriel Lorenzo Greschler on Twitter, apparently took place quickly before 4 PM Pacific time. The offenders possibly obtained admittance to the donaldjtrump.com web server backend. They included a large stretch of muddled JavaScript-producing a copy of the FBI “this site has been seized” message, which emerged over the regular content. “the world has had enough of the fake-news spread daily by president Donald j trump,” the new site read. “it is time to allow the world to know the truth.”

Hackers offered 2 Monero addresses.

Furthermore, the hackers provided two Monero addresses. They claim to possess internal data on the source of the coronavirus and other data concerning Trump. Monero is a cryptocurrency that’s simple to send but challenging to track. For this purpose, it is often connected with malicious activities like this hack.

Out of the two addresses, one address was for people who needed the “strictly classified information” published. However, the other for those who would favour having it secret. Post an indefinite deadline, they would compare the results of cryptocurrency, and the higher total would decide what has to be done with the information.

However, the website was back with its original content in a few minutes of the hack taking place. There is no proof to recommend that anything other than one page was available. However, campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh confirmed the hack soon afterwards. He says there was no disclosure of sensitive information and that they are operating with law enforcement agencies.

Campaign and other election websites are prominent targets for hackers as they are linked with personalities such as Donald Trump. However, it is not as strong as official sites such as whitehouse.gov. Although the language does not seem of a local English speaker, there is no other emphatic proof that the hack is of foreign origin.

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