Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey expresses his views on Bitcoin and Blockchain being the future of Twitter

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, bitcoin's biggest proponent introduced numerous advantages of Bitcoin and its underlying Blockchain technology.

By · Sep 30, 2020 . 6min read

Twitter CEO speaks about Bitcoin latest news
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Jack Dorsey, the CEO of the social media giant Twitter, says that Bitcoin and its underlying technology will shape twitter’s future. Last year, he declared a Bluesky, a non-profit platform for developing a decentralized and open social media standard. Recently Jack Dorsey presented his views on Bitcoin and blockchain. During the Oslo Freedom Forum 2020, held virtually, Dorsey announced that Bitcoin and blockchain symbolize a world where the content would live forever. He further elucidates that they are not in a content hosting business anymore instead in the discovery business.

Jack Dorsey clarifies Bluesky and Twitter are different entities

Dorsey’s revolutionary conceptualization of open, decentralized social media advocates to transform its relevance as a content hosting platform. Dorsey’s expects Bluesky to build Twitter as an open protocol, similar to that which email operates on. It focuses on offering an alternative to traditional, centralized social media platforms. It would also invite contributions from users. Moreover, it will enable users to access data.

Further, he clears the air about Bluesky and Twitter being the same entity. He says that Bluesky is an entirely separate entity from Twitter. The former is a non-profit platform, and the second one is a company.

Jack Dorsey adds that the focus was on developing service and business where anyone can access the content, and everyone will make contributions as well. However, he says that this will most essentially be possible in the cases of Bitcoin and blockchain. With Bitcoin and blockchain, the control is entirely in the hands of consumers. Additionally, he says that he believed that security could never be immaculate. He adds that developers were in a race to be various steps ahead of hackers. 

Jack Dorsey is one of the Biggest Bitcoin Enthusiast.

Furthermore, Jack Dorsey says that Bitcoin aims to offer a system that is trustable in a scenario that is mostly disruptive like the internet. He says that these technologies will introduce new capabilities to the developers where the same can be brought to an internal level. However, Dorsey has been a vocal advocate of cryptocurrency for a long time. His microblogging site is contemplating about introducing a feature enabling users to tip each other utilizing Bitcoin, which Dorsey considers the internet’s currency one day.

Earlier, Jack shared his thoughts in an interview with The Reuters. He said Bitcoin is still the most viable internet native currency. Jack Dorsey said the internet wants a currency and that Bitcoin is “the best manifestation” of that so far.

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