TRON fends off a network attack as it upgrades its mainnet version

During 4.1 version upgrade of TRON mainnet, a malicious contract disrupted the upgrade leading to the block production halting on the network.

By · Nov 2, 2020 . 5min read

TRON network attack latest news

Justin Sun, founder of TRON blockchain recently took to Twitter to announce how TRON fended off an attack as it was upgrading its mainnet.

The shouty marketer tweeted about the attack giving a specific timeline and how the malicious entity went about it. In his tweet, Sun stated that during 4.1 version upgrade of TRON mainnet, a malicious contract disrupted the upgrade.

With authority granted to the contract developer, the attacker initiated several malicious transactions. Consequently, as TRON is a DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) blockchain, super representatives typically the block producers in the system halted block production.

To address the problem, according to Justin Sun,

the community responded immediately, locating the problem and fixing it immediately, and working with super representatives to upgrade the nodes.

It will take the TRON community approximately 2 hours 15 minutes for them to sort and solve the problem. After this, the main network gradually resumed block production. And in about an hour later, the whole network was back to optimum capacity in block production.

Sun claims that malicious attack by the contract developer did not compromise data or user assets. And once again, Sun sees the mainnet attack incident and recovery as a way to shill TRON.

TRON is a blockchain network which debuted its entry in the cryptocurrency market in 2017. It boasts of processing transactions faster than Ethereum at insanely smaller fees. And as a competitor to Ethereum, TRON support dapp developers to deploy smart contracts on it.

TRON processes millions of transactions daily

TRON critics criticize Justin Sun for his unrelenting marketing many a time which are just shillings. However, TRON network processes transactions in its millions in daily volume. For instance, according to data from Blocktivity, 1.79 million transactions within the last 24 hours. This effectively makes it the fourth-most active blockchain network while EOS currently ranks top with over 64 million transactions.

To add to that, TRON also supports several other assets as present in other popular blockchains. A good example is USDT on TRON. Tether’s stablecoin surpassed its ERC-20 version since August and persisted till date.

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