Blockchain-based TradeLens and Portbase Collaborate to Enhance Shipping Data Exchange

Portbase and TradeLens have come together to develop data sharing, efficiency, and transparency in shipping, to enhance customer experience.

By · Sep 4, 2020 . 6min read

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Portbase, the organization that manages various Dutch ports’ digital infrastructure, announced that it has started using the blockchain-enabled TradeLens platform. It intends to develop data-sharing, efficiency, and transparency in shipping. Established in 2009, Portbase is a non-profit subsidiary of the Rotterdam and Amsterdam’s ports, which own 75% and 25%. However, Portbase shareholder, the Port of Rotterdam, earlier trialled the application of blockchain tokens to release containers during unloading.

TradeLens is a platform and ecosystem developed by Maersk and IBM that aims to remedy time-consuming and costly processes through blockchain-based digitization. It combines data from its associates. The platform promotes the efficient, transparent and secure exchange of information. Further, it fosters greater collaboration and trust across the global supply chain. Additionally, the system utilizes IoT devices to measure containers’ physical aspects and then stores this information on a blockchain.

Comprehensive Details of Shipping Data Exchange

The latest collaboration between Portbase and TradeLens is in its first phase. Portbase will transmit customs clearance information for Maersk containers to TradeLens. Moreover, TradeLens will transfer data to Portbase about events linking to shipments going to the Dutch ports. Data will be accessible in the Port Community System for community members who have authorized, permission access to the platform. Moreover, they can utilize each container’s data for enhancing the operations. 

“By connecting with the TradeLens platform, Portbase creates a connection between our community and the global ecosystem. It allows all players in the logistical chain to easily, quickly, and securely share data, irrespective of their mutual relationship, enhancing trade for everyone involved. Portbase acts as [a] data hub for global trade via the Dutch ports and facilitates the connection to regional networks in northwest Europe,”

said Iwan Van Der Wolf, Portbase managing director.

However, the association develops a connection between the Dutch ports and a global ecosystem of carriers, ports, terminals, and overseas inland providers. Its powerful position in the Dutch ports concedes Portbase to play an essential role in bringing transparency to end-to-end supply chains. Additionally, it grants connected parties a single point of contact in the Dutch ports. 

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