Top Crypto leaders steal ten spots in Forbes 30 Under 30 List for 2020

The Forbes 30 Under 30 list 2020 involved ten young crypto leaders that secured a position globally. They represented finance, venture capital, energy & manufacturing.

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Crypto leaders in Forbes List 2020 news

After ten years of recognizing young entrepreneurs and business leaders globally, 10 crypto leaders made a list in Forbes 30 Under 30 list for 2020.

Regardless of the name “Forbes 30 Under 30” the list features about 600 young business leaders. And in this year’s list, top crypto leaders like Sam Bankman-Fried CEO of FTX, Joseph Krug, cofounder of Augur Protocol, Soona Amhaz, founding partner at Volt Capital made a list.

From the names selected, seven individuals came from the finance category. The remaining three came from venture capital, energy, and manufacturing categories, respectively.

Ten crypto leaders who made the Forbes list

Sam Bankman-Fried is a power crypto personality who made a list. SBF, as he is also fondly, called founded Alameda Research and crypto derivatives company FTX where he serves as CEO with almost a 50% stake. SBF’s FTX recently raised $40 million at a $1.2 billion valuation. Mainstream Wall Street got a stint of Sam’s wealth and influence when he donated over $5 million to Joe Biden’s election campaign as a Democratic Super PAC member. For context, only media mogul and billionaire Mike Bloomberg outgave SBF in the campaign donations.

Cofounder of the foremost decentralized predictions market protocol Augur Joseph Krug also appeared on the Forbes list. Joseph is also the co-chief investment officer of Pantera Capital managing over $442 million investment fund across three crypto funds. Even before ICOs became a thing, the then very young Joseph Kruger organized the very first ICO on Ethereum Krug organized the first ICO on Ethereum raising $5.7 million for Augur. Moreover, the predictions market protocol has a total market value of $152 million.

Jack Mallers, the founder and CEO of Chicago-based bitcoin investment and payments company Zap Solutions. Zap announced it’s working with Visa after clinching a $3.5 million seed round. Its role is to act as the payments and credit card giant to introduce clients to bitcoin.

Crypto Investment firms

Soona Amhaz, Founding Partner, Volt Capital, a San Francisco based Venture Capital who is just 26 years. Amhaz has led eight investment rounds since Volt Capital started. Her firm backs startups including Magic, Valiu, Cozy, BuyCoins and Matrix League.

Flori Marquez cofounder of BlockFi a crypto lending platform invested in by venture capital firms like Galaxy Digital, Susquehanna, and Winklevoss Capital. BlockFi has had a wild run since 2019 and now has 100,000 funded accounts. Speculations are ongoing of a possible IPO as it’s on track to earn $120 million revenue this year.

Brian Tubergen, a former intern at Facebook and Google who founded the New York-based CoinList, is also among the crypto leaders that made the Forbes 30 Under 30 List. CoinList is an investment platform that helps cryptocurrency companies raise money. It’s helped its portfolio companies raise over $800 million since its inception in 2017.

Charles Noyes, Partner at Paradigm Capital, is another name. His firm currently oversees $100 million for the biggest global crypto fund. Noyes has been a success in personal seed investing in platforms. He contributed personal to Tagomi; an institutional cryptocurrency platform which Coinbase later acquired. He also contributed $1 million during the early stage of Uniswap that has morphed into a DEX unicorn today.

Technology sector leaders

Alexandar Liebel, cofounder of Layer1 technologies which specializes in helping local power grid manage their load. It channels about $50 million of its funds from the likes of billionaire Peter Thiel for a cheap source of energy for bitcoin mining.

Amiti Uttarwar is a 28 years old Bitcoin Protocol Engineer, Bitcoin Core. She’s the first popular Bitcoin Core developer which OkCoin and HDR Global gifted a grant of $150,000. A graduate of Mellon University and the daughter of Indian immigrants, Amiti started The Bitcoin Zine a publication covering the lighter side of bitcoin development.

Cofounder of Authenticiti Andrew Yang, Jeong Woo Park, and Athanasios Karachotzitis. These lots launched the blockchain-powered supply chain platform in 2016. Consequently, they’ve raised $2.1 million and generated $2.6 million in revenue in 2020.

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