Thailand’s Court of Justice Develops Blockchain Storage Network for Documents

Thailand's largest court system is developing a blockchain storage network. The Thai courts plan to debut the network in 2021.

By · Aug 21, 2020 . 6min read

Thailand Blockchain Storage Network

Thailand’s most significant court system is developing a blockchain storage network. It will move judicial information solely online. The Thai courts plan to debut the network in 2021. The Office court of justice is recently on a national digitization campaign. Additionally, it oversees 91% of Thai courts. Moreover, the Office Court of Justice said on Thursday that it is “actively developing” the blockchain network. Moreover, it informs that the platform is only for in-house judicial. 

The Thai’s judiciary is now prepping to train officials on how to utilize it. However, the Office of the Court of Justice declared that Thai’s system would be the world’s first judicial Blockchain. Although, many Chinese courts have already moved reams of data on-chain.

Thailand’s Embraces Blockchain Technology

Earlier, Thailand collaborated with a blockchain firm to promote peer-to-peer trading of renewable energy. Thai Digital Energy Development (TDED) signed a deal with Power Ledger, a blockchain energy startup. It intends to create a blockchain-based digital energy business. Also, The Public Debt Management Office (PDMO) within Thailand’s Ministry of Finance earlier declared its intentions to sell 200 million baht ($6.42 million) in savings bonds. It plans to do so using a blockchain-based e-wallet.  

Earlier, we reported that Thailand’s central bank is all set to offer its central bank digital currency to retailers. Additionally, it revealed that the Bank of Thailand is already prepping up to test its digital currency with corporate entities. 

Significance of Blockchain Technology in Courtroom Proceedings

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has recently filed a patent application to use blockchain technology to streamline and secure mail-in voting. The ‘Secure Voting System’ patent application was published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office last week. It discusses the use of Blockchain to track and secure the vote by mail system. A Global Times report revealed that courts in China are utilizing blockchain-based electronic door seals. It helps in securing properties under legal scrutiny in the nation.

Blockchain technology permeates several characteristics. Therefore, it makes it appealing for application in courtroom proceedings. Its decentralized network and its accessible yet advanced record-keeping make it a compelling technology for the legal system. With Thailand developing a blockchain-storage network for its judicial system, we can assure that the Courtroom proceedings will be more convenient with Blockchain.

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