Swipe Joins Evolve Bank & Trust to Launch Crypto-Funded USD Checking Accounts in US

Swipe will be introducing US Dollar Checking Accounts for users within the United States with the support of Evolve Bank & Trust.

By · Sep 2, 2020 . 6min read

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Swipe, a mighty cryptocurrency wallet and debit card portal, is determined to rule the US market space by collaborating with the leading financial services provider, Evolve Bank & Trust. The integration will enable Swipe to launch crypto-supporting US Dollar Checking Accounts for customers. This collaboration will enable Swipe users to access regular ACH, same-day electronic payments, and the US domestic wire.

According to the post, permission to deposit their direct deposit paychecks will be given to the account holders. They will provide seamless access to the assets via the Swipe app. Consumers can benefit from FDIC insurance up to applicable limits. Moreover, the USD Accounts will be available for access within the fourth quarter of 2020 by Swipe and Evolve Bank & Trust. 

Benefits of US Dollar Checking Accounts

The US Dollar Checking Accounts will help consumers indulge in secured trading of supported cryptocurrencies and access to ACH and wire payment systems. Swipe is precisely following the market demands and is extending its product range with high-end features and services for users. Further, the team highlights offering an application that is both secured and advanced in its operations.

“Partnering with Evolve Bank & Trust gives Swipe the ability to offer a simplified banking experience while utilizing the user-friendly Swipe Wallet application. Users will have access to the same checking account features, most brick-and-mortar banks provide, but without fees. We are excited to launch innovative products that make the entire banking experience seamless,”

Swipe CEO, Joselito Lizarondo.

Evolve Bank & Trust have been in the financial business since 1925 and have proved themselves as a strong market player. The entity’s suite of services involves payment processing, mortgage, banking, SBA Lending and Trust, and many more. Moreover, it provides its global client community with ACH, debit/credit sponsorship, card issuance services, and revolutionary financial tools and services. 

Swipe enables users to transact digital assets in real-time without converting them manually at the first take. It has its headquarters in the Philippines. It has expanded its business to the UK, USA, Singapore, and Canada. Additionally, users can buy or sell crypto assets using their linked bank accounts from anywhere across the world. Moreover, the portal feeds to decentralized financing applications that operate on blockchain.

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