Standard Chartered Bank collaborates with Amazon Web Services

The Standard Chartered Bank has inked a five-year strategic global agreement with AWS to deliver new digital banking services for its consumers.

By · Nov 13, 2020 . 6min read

Standard Chartered Bank collaborates with AWS news

Standard Chartered Bank unveiled that it has signed a deal with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer new services related to digital banking in a reliable and secure environment. The bank states the new agreement is a strategic global agreement to encourage its digital transformation. The collaboration will enable the Standard Chartered Bank to utilize AWS to promote digital modification and the distribution of customized banking services. Standard Chartered will improve the consumer experience, product development, privacy while concurrently satisfying regulatory requirements.

According to the announcement, the five-year deal will strengthen the current relations between the two companies. The bank intends to enhance its personalized banking services in over 60 markets around the globe. Moreover, the collaboration will allow Standard Chartered to build new applications over different platforms. 

Standard Chartered Bank to use AWS Services for new applications.

According to the Bank, it will use AWS’s database, compute, networking, storage, and security for the deployment of new apps. Utilizing AWS’s infrastructure and cloud services for its entire business will allow the bank to be more receptive to consumer requirements for developing new applications.

The Standard Chartered is also utilizing Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). It intends to administer prominent applications and inject new services with enhanced reliability, security, and scalability. Additionally, the recent collaboration illustrates the significance of cloud-based services for the bank. Moreover, Standard Chartered intends to produce next-generation financial services via AWS.

Standard Chartered is the leading international banking group. Recently, Standard Chartered triumphantly executed its first blockchain transaction by issuing an LC (Letter of Credit) for the garment exporter, Viyellatex. Standard Chartered Bank acted as the issuing Bank for the applicant and the advising Bank for the LC’s beneficiary. Furthermore, AWS has been the most widespread cloud platform across the globe. Moreover, it has over 175 fully-featured services involving storage, artificial intelligence, database, networking, and application development.

Conclusively, Standard Chartered intends to take benefit of AWS a broad range of services to transform digital banking services for its consumers.

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