SmartKey to integrate Chainlink for government-sanctioned Smart City initiative

Polish IoT communications infrastructure company, SmartKey integrates Chainlink's decentralized oracle technology to access real world data.

By · Nov 25, 2020 . 6min read

SmartKey to integrate Chainlink latest news

SmartKey, a Polish IoT communications infrastructure company focusing on enabling easy and quick connection to physical devices performing key IoT-enabled services is integrating Chainlink’s decentralized oracle technology. This will allow the IoT devices to execute actions based on real-world data.

As an added use case for smart contracts, SmartKey helps IoT devices carry out some exciting functions. For instance, automatic activation of emergency response systems during bad weather conditions, authorized access to gated municipal areas when city-wide alerts are issued are some of the interesting use cases which SmartKey can help make possible. It’s also looking to broaden its functionalities in the future.

How will the integration work actually? SmartKey’s solution manages access to different physical devices across the Blockchain of Things (BoT) space. On the other hand, Chainlink Network allows developers to connect SmartKey functionalities with various sources of data.

Hence, as Chainlink churns rich data repository, SmartKey connector will then turn these commands to readable instructions for IoT devices. Contrarily, SmartKey can also initiate the data transferring process to confirm the accuracy of any event.

SmartKey to integrate Chainlink for government-sanctioned Smart City initiative

SmartKey has already started exploring some of the use cases. For instance, rescue authorities issuing commands. Parking gates, garage doors, and emergency response systems may be the recipient of these commands. What Chainlink then does is that it delivers this data on-chain to the smart contract. This is what the SmartKey Ecosystem uses to trigger the necessary IoT action (e.g. open the parking gate).

SmartKey already in talks with the local government in Poland for the adoption of its IoT smart contract solution. Hence, it says it’s due to announce a partnership with the local government authorities of Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. This region has over 1,500,000 inhabitants in Poland. As the pilot program records success, SmartKey in collaboration with public authorities may extend to other regions.

SmartKey also has a collaboration with KIA cars. Basically, due to an original car-sharing initiative, the solution allows KIA owners to build blockchain-based applications that control access to their vehicles.

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