ShapeShift launches mobile app

Crypto custody serivce ShapeShift has announced that it has launched a mobile app that will allow users to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum on its platform.

By · Jul 23, 2020 . 4min read

According to Cision, a self-custodian exchange inaugurated its Bitcoin mobile application. ShapeShift is a self custody crypto platform that launched its own mobile app. Users will now be able to buy, trade, and transfer their digital assets without having to rely on a third party.

The ShapeShift platform provides its users with total control over their assets as they are the ones who hold the keys. Most of the platforms are custodial, whereas ShapeShift is self custodial. The problem with the other platforms is that they may be vulnerable to hacks or seizures. This is not the case on the ShapeShift platform.

ShapeShift has had a good year. It had recently announced that former Apple and PayPal executive Lisa Loud was joining them as COO. A couple of months later, ShapeShift announced the acquisition of Portis, the Israeli crypto wallet.

ShapeShift has been around since 2014. It has been developing trade technology that has allowed its users to enjoy industry-leading exchange rates and liquidity. Moreover, it now has users in over 120 countries. With the introduction of the app, users can now purchase Bitcoin with a credit or debit card and trade into a portfolio of other leading digital assets.

However, since the launch of the app, many users have taken to Twitter to point out a few issues. Users had problems with creating accounts, adding addresses from the UK, and gift box related issues. However, these are minor bug fixes that will not be an issue for too much longer.

CEO and founder Erik Voorhees had the following to say, “The mobile app is here, and with one email and password, users can enjoy self-sovereign finance on both web and mobile. As traditional financial systems become increasingly tenuous, Bitcoin offers refuge and empowerment. We’re here to make it easy.”

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