Samsung enables earning rewards in Bitcoin via collaboration with Lolli

Samsung enables earning bitcoin rewards as it renewed its alliance with Lolli. Shoppers can get up to 1.5% of their money back in Bitcoin.

By · Nov 10, 2020 . 5min read

Samsung partners with Lolli for Bitcoin rewards news

Samsung Group, a South Korean electronics giant, has renewed its alliance with crypto shopping application Lolli. Thus, offering opportunities for customers to earn reward points in Bitcoin (BTC) when buying Samsung products. According to the blog post, it commemorates the renewal of its collaboration with Samsung. 

Through this collaboration, shoppers have the opportunity to receive up to 1.5% of their money back in Bitcoin when buying Samsung electronics via the Lolli app. For shoppers in the United States, crypto shopping application provides approximately 1,000 stores where they can purchase online and earn a percentage of Bitcoin or cashback for their purchase. The alliance between Lolli and Samsung offers a broad range of products to its users. It includes washing machines, smart TVs, and dryers to 5G-capable smartphones and smart home devices.

Lolli offers referral codes to customers.

Besides, Lolli users also get a referral code that they can share with friends and family and receive $10 worth of BTC when those associates buy from the app using the code. However, to receive rewards via Lolli, users have to download the mobile app or extension for the browser that supports it like Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Post downloading one can buy from Lolli’s partner website and open the link that will examine the shopping and transfer bitcoin to Lolli’s wallet.

Interestingly, Lolli has collaborated with over 1,000 top merchants to promote comprehensive crypto adoption. Some of Lolli’s biggest associate brands are Lululemon Athletica, Walmart, Nike, Postmates, and Old Navy. Last year, it gave away 50,000 satoshis to users who accumulate sats at Nike. The giveaway celebrated its connection with the fitness apparel company.

The company also added assistance for technology company Garmin and cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty last month. It also commenced giving cryptocurrency awards to the American users of Alibaba back in November. Nevertheless, it rolled out that the Chinese e-commerce giant wasn’t even conscious of this donation. Moreover, the partnership was signed with one of its subcontractors. Alibaba then stopped Lolli from utilizing its trademark in its promotional materials after discovering suspicious collaboration.

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