More than 10,000 Robinhood user account details up for sale on Dark Web

Hackers in the dark web claim that they have access to more than 10,000 email login credentials allegedly tied to Robinhood accounts.

By · Nov 1, 2020 . 5min read

Robinhood user details up for sale on Dark Web news

Just about anything from drugs, illegal weapons, firearms and even child trafficking can be found on the dark. The onslaught could be even more especially user profile details on finance applications. The latest is that hackers in the dark web claim that they have access to about more than 10,000 email login credentials allegedly tied to Robinhood accounts.

In a recent Bloomberg publication, the media outlet reported that hackers put up multiple email account logins tied to Robinhood users up for sale this week. Each account was up for sale for as low as $3.50 and are typically accurate details according to Eli Dominitz, chief executive officer of Q6 Cyber.

Although dark web activities have been on for since the internet came to being, it surged during the COVID pandemic. Recall that the United States, where Robinhood has its base doled out a stimulus package. The idea was to help affected households with low-income status. And as typical of millennials who are more endeared to cryptocurrencies, many deposited to the likes of Coinbase and Robinhood.

Retroactively, Robinhood customers have complained of hackers compromising their accounts and Robinhood doing almost nothing about it. An internal investigation admitted that up to 2,000 accounts were compromised. But the firm still put up a flimsy excuse that

“It is not uncommon for cyber-criminals to target customers of financial-services companies by attempting to use information sourced from the dark web,”

Robinhood’s solutions to hacking activities some of which leads to Dark Web sales of user profiles

A lot of Robinhood’s customers complain of the poor customer service of the brokerage firm. To this effect, Robinhood’s founder Tenev in a CNBC interview said

“We’re working on customer support across the board…We’ve made huge investments and are continuing to make huge investments.”

Robinhood which prides itself as a zero-fee trading platform has also agreed to compensate victims of dark web hacks.

To conclude, this is not the first time Robinhood will be making the headlines negatively. At this time it is ascribed to dark web operators. But the case where a Robinhood user committed suicide comes to mind.

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