Posts with Bitcoin hashtag censored on Facebook again

Facebook has censored all posts with the Bitcoin hashtags. It says such advertisements are harmful to its user's interests and against its policies.

By · Nov 2, 2020 . 6min read

Bitcoin hashtag censored on Facebook news

Facebook has started to censor posts with the Bitcoin hashtag again. Facebook forbids posts like videos, photographs, and even messages- including the Bitcoin hashtag in its description from reaching a broader audience. Users across the world have seen that whenever they use the Bitcoin hashtag, the social media giant provides a prompt that describes that “such posts are being temporarily hidden”. The prompt moreover explains that this move helps to keep the Facebook community safe. It further states that this is in accordance with its policies.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that hashtags regarding other crypto assets, drugs, and weapons encounter no form of censorship. Facebook is famous for possessing an unpleasant attitude towards Bitcoin. Moreover, users of the social media site criticized the censorship of Bitcoin on Twitter.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and its owner, Jack Dorsey, has a positive inclination towards the famous crypto asset. He states that Bitcoin intends to provide a system that is trustable in a scenario that is often disruptive like, the internet. Jack has, on various occasions, spoken about the significant role the coin would perform in the future. Moreover, Square recently keeps 1% of its total asset in BTC.

Facebook’s stance on Bitcoin: Positive or Negative?

This is not the first time Facebook is censoring posts related to Bitcoin. In 2018, Facebook declared its aim to modify its policy on cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). Through a blog post, Facebook made it clear that it considers crypto assets like Bitcoin to be detrimental to the interest of its users. Thus, blog posts that promote cryptocurrencies and the equivalents would be forbidden. 

Nevertheless, this created an immense amount of resentment on Facebook, which resulted in removing the censorship. During this period, Facebook also said that it was operating on its cryptocurrency project Libra. Recently, Facebook has gone ahead to start censoring hashtags that involve Bitcoin. However, other crypto-assets such as Cardano, Ethereum, One Coin, Auricoin, and Hex are not facing any form of censorship. 

However, some believe that the reason behind censoring the posts is the fact that its project Libra has almost vanished. Recently, G7 is opposing Libra until the establishment of proper regulations. Moreover, Facebook is still to issue a statement on why it has decided to censor hashtags linked to BTC.

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