Pizza Hut accepts crypto payments in Venezuela

CryptoBuyer states that Pizza Hut will accept crypto in Venezuela, including Bitcoin at Caracas, Maracay, Maracaibo, and Barquisimeto.

By · Nov 30, 2020 . 6min read

Pizza Hut accepts crypto payments in Venezuela latest news

Pizza Hut now accepts crypto payments at all branches in Venezuela via a partnership with CryptoBuyer, a Panamanian crypto payments startup. CryptoBuyer has been one of the most effective businesses in terms of advertising cryptocurrencies in the country. It’s achievements include the foundation of Bitcoin ATMs, the launch of its first Bitcoin satellite node, and partnership with various popular retailers in the nation.

Pizza Hut associates with CryptoBuyer

CryptoBuyer reveals through its Instagram post that Pizza Hut consumers at various branches in Maracay, Caracas, Maracaibo, and Barquisimeto can pay with Bitcoin (BTC) along with eight other cryptocurrencies. It includes bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, dash, DAI, Binance coin, tether, and CryptoBuyer’s native token, XPT. 

The Venezuelan crypto community was happy with Pizza Hut’s decision. The community is now busy employing their tokens nearly as soon as the announcement of the news. One instance was Mariangel García, Community Manager of Binance Latam, who purchased a Pizza with crypto.

Owing to CryptoBuyer, Pizza Hut would be following companies supporting crypto as a way to promote their products. Other Venezuelan corporations have also started on the Bitcoin chain. However, the most popular case is Traki. It is Venezuela’s largest department store. It developed an independent division for cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it was the first big store to accept Venezuela’s official cryptocurrency, the Petro. Furthermore, it is also one for the major stores to support cryptocurrencies.

Other shops that followed the country’s crypto frenzy are Burger King and the Venezuelan gas stations that accept payments in Petro. It also includes the Intercontinental and Tamanaco Hotel chains, the Excelsior Gama supermarket chain, and Farmarato pharmacies, among others.

Moreover, in June, CryptoBuyer stated that Venezuelans would be capable of paying for goods and services with cryptocurrencies in over 20,000 stores across the country. This was achievable via the combination of “CyptoBuyer Pay” into Mega Soft’s “Merchant Server” platform. Mega Soft is an established payment processor in Venezuela. Moreover, it has an aggregate of 18 million transactions processed per month.

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