Pearl Finance, DeFi platform on TRON surges cryptocurrency exchange announced the listing of Pearl Finance and has since appreciated by over 600% at price.

By · Sep 3, 2020 . 5min read

Pearl Finance Defi news

Pearl Finance, a yield farming token on Tron in the heat of the ongoing DeFi boom surges in price as it got listed on exchange. cryptocurrency exchange announced its listing and has since appreciated by over 600% at price.

Pearl Finance, DeFi platform on TRON surges

Accordingly, Pearl Finance brags of no pre-mining, no founder shares, and no venture capital rights. To mine the PEARL governance token, users need the TronLink. In fact, a more critical look on the protocol shows it’s almost a 100% copy of the Uniswap protocol which has been the bedrock of the ongoing DeFi explosion.

Clearly, TRON keeps making an effort to not only woo developers to migrate from Ethereum. It is also encouraging in-house projects to start building their own native DeFi protocols like Pearl Finance.

Looks like Pearl Finance as DeFi on Tron capturing interests with the 600% price appreciation may cause a ripple effect.

Equally important, Pearl Finance recently passed a smart contract security audit by SlowMist. This third party security of Pearl Finance makes it the first-ever for Tron projects.

Meanwhile, Justin Sun, founder of Tron, announced the genesis mining of his meme SUN coin which commences today. The full launch is scheduled to be on September 16th.

Asides Pearl Finance, DeFi on TRON about to get heated up with a new partnership with Band Protocol

Justin Sun is not one to look away from the growth of DeFi projects on Ethereum. As he likes to always pitch his network against Ethereum, DeFi projects on TRON needs decentralized oracles to be able to function properly. Sun has made a bold move by partnering with Band Protocol. Sun said:

We are ecstatic to enhance TRON with the most valuable oracle product on the market. This integration marks a new era of high-quality partners, protocols, and services migrating to TRON’s blockchain. ‘’

Consequently, as part of the strategic partnership, TRON is already working closely to integrate and secure all TRON applications. These cover DeFi, betting, games, RNG, enterprise application, and more.

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