Former NYSE regulatory Czar Anthony Albanese joins a16z as a partner for crypto investments

Anthony Albanese is joining as a partner at VC firm Andreessen Horowitz to help expand its growing portfolio and increase regulatory outreach.

By · Oct 31, 2020 . 6min read

Anthony Albanese joins a16z news

Anthony Albanese who until recently served as the chief regulatory officer of the New York Stock Exchange – NYSE joins popular Venture Capitalist a16z. Albanese is joining as a partner at a16z crypto funds to help expand its growing portfolios.

Andreessen Horowitz and partners which also goes with a shorter monicker a16z through its crypto funds invested in top companies like Coinbase. It’s also invested in intricate DeFi protocols like Compound.

With an underlying philosophy of promoting innovation with regulation, a16z considers the latest entrant of the highly experienced Anthony Albanese to help further its goal.

Anthony Albanese is a regulatory czar that has more than 20 years in the regulatory sector. Notably, Albanese spent a decade at a major law firm as a partner who specialized at litigating securities. While working with the NYSE, he oversaw regulation, including working with regulators at the state, federal, and international levels. And before that Albanese had also worked with the New York DFS. Here, Anthony Albanese coordinated over 1,400 employees and oversaw the regulation of more than 3,800 financial services entities whose collective assets exceeded $7 trillion.

With the swathe of experience Anthony brings to a16z, he will channel his efforts on

  • expanding network operations
  • proactive regulatory outreach
  • working directly with the VC’s crypto portfolio firms. To help them within areas of strategic decision making, hiring new talents and many other integrated functions.

a16z onboarding Anthony Albanese from NYSE is a good step in the direction of crypto regulation

Many cryptocurrency projects have had to fall under regulatory hammer either from SEC or many other watchdogs. Andreessen Horowitz can be said to be the hallmark of what a good VC should be. It’s not any surprise that most of the crypto firms it backs are doing reasonably well within the space.

Bringing onboard Anthony Albanese with his huge wealth of experience should help forge clearer regulatory pathways with government bodies. SEC currently regulates the industry with its antiquated laws and more with judicial precedents. This makes it imperative for crypto firms to get it right by having clear eyes in interpreting statutes which legislators didn’t create with digital assets in mind.

Anthony Albanese will be working alongside a16z’s Jeff Amico, who currently oversees the VC’s policy counsel.

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