MountX Collaborates with Vertalo Real Estate To Tokenize 15 Properties in Mexico, Canada

Vertalo Real Estate and MountX Real Estate Capital join hands to tokenize over 15 real estate projects in Mexico and Canada.

By · Sep 1, 2020 . 8min read

MountX Vertalo Real Estate tokens

MountX Real Estate Capital will be collaborating with the Vertalo Real Estate (VRE) platform to tokenize 15 properties over the coming year. It has its headquarters in Mexico, since its launch in 2019. This company provides Latin investors with the capability to invest in various Canadian real estate opportunities.

Real estate tokenization remains to be one of the predominant industries in the digital security space. Real estate is relatively easy and safe asset class to tokenize. This is precisely the sentiment MountX offers to its investors, promoting the ability for Mexicans investors to fund in the ‘safe’ real estate market of Canada.

Intricate Details about MountX and VRE Platform

MountX is a Real Estate Investment Platform that provides access to international investment opportunities backed by institutional-quality real estate assets in Canada. MountX utilizing the VRE platform from Vertalo describes a unique opportunity owing to the cross-border nature of the deal. It is a gateway to ‘safe’ Canadian investment opportunities that many would not have had access to under normal circumstances.

Vertalo is an industry-leading solution for digital asset lifecycle management founded in 2017. It works with experts in the traditional financial sector and applies a partner-driven ethos to the development of the digital asset economy. Vertalo has formed an entire new branch of their company named Vertalo Real Estate (VRE).VRE’s launch marked a collective effort by a leading company in the digital securities sector to concentrate on a specific asset class. Vertalo provides a suite of services that profits all digital securities, with the VRE division focusing individually on real estate.

Benefits of the Collaboration

VRE’s collaboration with MountX will promote direct investments in Class-A residential properties located in Canada. MountX will be leading multiple issuances. Additionally, it will offer Initial deals to Latin American investors and expand to include U.S. and Canadian markets. According to the statement, through digital tokens, investors will access their equity and asset information directly. However, MountX’s work with Vertalo expands access to the chances that a retail investor can fund. They can also provide their properties on the MountX platform.

“Real estate is something that not many people have been able to invest in before. You have to know or get connected with a real estate general partner or understand how to build a portfolio yourself,” Alec Beckman, director of business development at Vertalo, told CoinDesk.

Recently, 99% of private real estate capital is raised under the Reg D exemption. This indicates that it is only accessible to accredited investors. Beckman said, computing that digital assets will allow certified investors to partake in real estate investment opportunities. Beckman further elucidates that Vertalo is working on a digitalization project that would allow overseas and non-accredited investors to invest in real estate assets. 

Vertalo has been in the limelight for several high-profile developments during 2020. Real estate may be an ideal asset class to profit from tokenization. However, its not the only asset class to benefit from tokenization. However, the recent partnership between Vertalo and DealBox will view the companies tokenize 22 different projects in various industries. Of these expected 22 projects, at least eight have already commenced the process, including Mint Air, Zapaygo, Rypplz, Gorbyte, Biquitous, Origenne Corp, Total Network Services, Mirage Entertainment.

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