MedicalVeda Introduces DeFi to Healthcare Sector via MVEDA Token Launch

MedicalVeda will supply its native token i.e., MVEDA token, to the general public for a blockchain and DeFi-based healthcare revolution.

By · Sep 27, 2020 . 6min read

Canada’s MedicalVeda, announced its new collaboration with ExMarkets, a crypto exchange and leading IEO Launchpad. According to the announcement, the two firms will operate together on the MVEDA Token launch, describing the native tokens of MedicalVeda. The token launch will be via an Initial Exchange Offering held on September 28, 2020. During the sale, the tokens will be provided to the public at a set price as part of a wide blockchain and DeFi-based healthcare revolution. 

MedicalVeda Aims to Introduce Decentralized Finance in the Healthcare Sector

MedicalVeda attempts to address the modern-day difficulties encountered by the health care industry. It uses innovative technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Defi, and Smart Contracts. Medical Veda decentralizes the access and ownership of medical records while granting patients a scalable, highly compatible, secure, and interoperable platform. It also provides patients and medical practitioners with seamless lending solutions for their medical-related financial needs. They also intend to decentralize other health sector aspects using Electronic Health Record (EHR). With EHR, they will decentralize data management within the industry.

MedicalVeda intends to utilize the MVEDA Token to include DeFi into the healthcare sector. Fetching DeFi into the healthcare world could help patients to obtain capital for medical procedures. It could help practitioners in the industry to access capital for their ventures. Additionally, the tokens will allow access to various services and products created by MedicalVeda.

Recently, there is a thriving outcry for better safety standards for patient data in the healthcare industry. By employing the blockchain, MedicalVeda will decentralize the ownership and accessibility of this data. MedicalVeda will help secure the data in various storage points while enabling patients to access their data from any part of the world. MedicalVeda platform also has a data marketplace. Patients will receive incentives to trade their data across several marketplaces for breakthrough research.

Conclusively, the MedicalVeda platform launch serves the need of the hour. As the world has become increasingly digitized due to COVID19, the MedicalVeda platform will ensure that data management within the medical sector is safer and secure.

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