Matic Network to Revolutionize Gaming Industry with DApps

Matic Network recently concluded its Deployment Week. It revealing five new gaming DApps which will revolutionize the gaming industry.

By · Aug 13, 2020 . 6min read

Matic Network to support gaming industry

Matic Network, an Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution, recently concluded its Deployment Week. Additionally it revealed the introduction of Matic Network gaming week. It revealed five new gaming DApps. Moreover, these gaming DApps will revolutionize the gaming industry. It will be on-boarded to the Matic mainnet later this month. The five gaming DApps include Synergy of Serra, CrypCade, Pirates 2048, CryptoAssault, and Boom Elements. In a recent blog post, the firm set out its strategy to appeal to the general public through the development of gaming dApps.

Matic declared last week that it is utilizing $5 million worth of funding to incentivize DeFi projects to develop on the network. Matic Network is an Ethereum sidechain that fosters scalability, an issue that the Ethereum blockchain is viewing at the moment due to the great demand for DeFi. The team behind the project also declared that it added 11 validators to the Matic Network over “Phase 1” of its staking program. During the “start of Phase 2”, Twenty-five additional validators will be added. The firm recently tweeted that the other 25 external validators will come on board during Phase 2.

Blockchain and Gaming Industry

Earlier, there was barely any means of interaction between game players and the developers who created it. Therefore, it was considered challenging to produce a game platform that gives a profoundly immersive experience to the former. Blockchain-based applications connected the power of consensus mechanism in the process that let players and developers impersonate great ideas for improving game experience.

The critical reasons for DApps to acknowledge the services of the Matic Network are:

  • Lower transaction fees less than 1/1000th of the Ethereum main chain primarily
  • Instant blockchain transactions
  • Full-fledged technical support from the Matic team to the developers
  • Seamless transition along with catered assistance
  • Defi Incubator programmes and support for developers

Blockchain gaming confronts a lot of challenges, according to Matic Network. Blockchain game developers cope with slow transaction times and high transaction fees, leading to poor user experience. According to the blog post, Matic says they have addressed these concerns to create a “seamless blockchain gaming experience.”

A growing number of gaming DApp developers recognize the advantages that Matic Network provides. It enables their DApps to prosper and thrive. With Matic catering upcoming games, we wait to see how Matic network transforms the gaming industry with DApps. Earlier we reported on Matic Network launching DeFi Incubator Program. Thus, Matic Network is all equipped to power the Defi Ecosystem.

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