LGO Integrates with Fireblocks to Enhance Exchange Operations

Fireblocks has declared that the LGO will utilize Secure Transfer Environment, Fireblocks' Vault, and API infrastructure to enhance its exchange operations.

By · Aug 19, 2020 . 6min read

LGO Integrates with Fireblocks

The most trusted institutional digital asset management platform, Fireblocks has declared integration with LGO. The leading European Bitcoin trading platform, LGO will utilize Secure Transfer Environment, Fireblocks’ Vault, and API infrastructure to efficiently enhance its exchange operations. Furthermore, this collaboration will enable LGO to improve the speed at which consumers can access and withdraw funds. It will be done by tapping the Fireblocks institutional ecosystem’s liquidity.  

LGO is the leading Bitcoin spot exchange for institutions. Over 50 institutional counterparties trust them over 15 countries. They offer a suite of entirely customized services, best in class technology, and deep liquidity with a boutique approach. 

Fireblocks, an enterprise-grade platform delivers a secure infrastructure for storing, moving, and issuing digital assets. The platform allows banks, exchanges, custodians, trading desks, and hedge funds to scale digital asset operations securely. Additionally, it does through patent-pending SGX & MPC technology. Moreover, Fireblocks have secured the transfer of approximately $9 billion in digital assets. Furthermore, it gives a unique insurance policy that includes assets in storage & transit. 

Fireblocks and LGO’s Integration to drive speed and security.

However, LGO declared that the measure also intends to help them achieve maximum security and better accomplishment for the institutional investors. Fireblocks stated that new developments in 2020 would concentrate on reducing counterparty, compliance, and security threats to streamline the settlement process for market participants. Moreover, Fireblocks, LGO, and various industry players such as Woorton strive to provide EU financial markets’ growth. It does by further promoting investor protection, platform innovation, and collaboration.

Hugo Renaudin, CEO & Co-Founder of LGO, said in a blog about the integration:

“Many of our customers were requesting a Fireblocks integration, and We’ve spent a good amount of time auditing the Fireblocks technology and were impressed with the quality of the product and its security. Using Fireblocks has significantly improved our operational efficiency while maintaining the highest level of security on our customers’ funds. This has translated into a better service for our institutional customers, which is ultimately what we’re always striving for.”

Summing it up, with the integration of LGO and Fireblocks, the institutions would no more face difficulty of choosing between speed and security. Institutions would no longer worry about security threats with this development. Nonetheless, we await to see how will this integration unfolds and improves exchange operations.

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