Kava Labs Associates With BNB48 Club to Boost BNB DeFi Ecosystem

Kava Labs associates with BNB48 club. Kava labs will assist BNB48, promote BNB DeFi ecosystem. BNB48 will act as a technical advisor for the Kava community.

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On August 8, 2020, in a press release, Kava Labs associated with the BNB club – BNB48. As per the collaboration, BNB48 will act as a technical advisor for the Kava community. According to the release, it will provide services like professional product reviews and technical consulting services for Kava’s Chinese validators, staking users, and lending platform users. Kava labs will assist BNB48, promote the BNB Staking and BNB DeFi ecosystem. Moreover, it will delegate a validator from BNB48, as per the collaboration.

Kava Labs also tweeted about the collaboration from its official account. 

Kava Labs Associates with BNB48 Club

Diving into Kava Labs and BNB848 Club Ecosystem

Kava is a multi-asset DeFi platform that offers stablecoins, loans, and other financial services for users of significant cryptocurrency assets, including BTC, XRP, BNB, and ATOM, to name a few. Founded in 2018, BNB48 Club is a hardcore BNB investor club. Moreover, the predecessor was established in 2017 for BNB investors with the threshold of 50,000 BNB position.

Kava and BNB848 Club Association: Expected or Unexpected?

The collaboration doesn’t come as a surprise as BNB48 Club was one of the first users of the Kava lending platform. Furthermore, after receiving approval from its Board of Directors (BoD), BNB48 Club BNB48 Club participated in the Kava CDP platform and the USDX00 instrument.

Kava and BNB48 Club intend to work together shortly by establishing a long-term strategic collaboration to maximize BNB ecosystems’ value. Additionally, it also plans to increase DeFi services accessible to the BNB ecosystem.

What to Expect from the Collaboration?

Under the collaboration, Kava Labs will offer further guidance and suggestions on BNB creation value. Kava labs will assist BNB48, to build and maintain the BNB Staking and BNB DeFi communities. There should be a thorough understanding of risks and opportunities of BNB staking and BNB Defi staking. An education system will be developed to help BNB holders to have a better understanding. Moreover, the details about the development of the BNB ecosystem will be provided via regular online meetings. Additionally, discussions will be held to interact with the evolution of the BNB ecosystem.

BNB48 Club will be Kava lab’s ambassador in China to promote the Kava DeFi ecosystem. It will also contribute to the popularization of Kava lending products in the Chinese community. Also, Kava Labs will make the BNB48 club one of the officially recommended node service providers. It will help Kava blockchain to provide staking technology and consulting services.

Conclusively, Kava Labs, and BNB48 Club users can expect a successful long term collaboration between them. Therefore, Kava labs will assist BNB48, to build and maintain the BNB Staking and BNB DeFi communities. Contrarily, BNB48 will promote Kava Labs in the Chinese community.

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