US Presidential candidate Kanye West speaks about Bitcoin in Joe Rogan’s podcast

Bitcoin proponent, Kanye West spoke in Joe Rogan's podcast which lasted for 3 hours. He said that Bitcoiners are working towards liberating humanity.

By · Oct 27, 2020 . 5min read

Kanye West speaks about Bitcoin news

Grammy award-winning rap singer and 2020 US elections presidential candidate vocalizes assertive stance on Bitcoin dealings. The US presidential candidate Kanye West was seen chatting positively of Bitcoin in an interview with Joe Rogan on the latest episode of Joe Rogan Show. The show lasted for three hours. The 140 million record seller termed as one of the best artists globally praised Bitcoin and Bitcoiners. 

Kanye West believes that the system is operating towards liberating customers from the restraints of the traditional financial system. Kanye West moreover appreciated Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s move to decentralize Twitter early this year. This came after negotiations over crypto dealings with Bitcoiners while a deal worth USD 50 million Bitcoin has just concluded with Square. 

Kanye West says Bitcoiners are working towards liberating humanity.

For the uninformed, Kanye West has considered Bitcoin in the past. In 2018, he appeared in an interview with Charlemagne. In the interview, Kanye spoke about Bitcoin. He said that he views the asset as a place where one could invest. Moreover, he called out for cryptocurrency alongside credit cards and cash.

In this recent interview with Rogan, he states that he’s lately been communicating with his friends about Bitcoin and crypto. Moreover, he says he did so in anticipation of the Rogan interview. However, Joe Rogan has long been slight of a fan of cryptocurrencies, hosting Bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos various times and helping guests like Jack Dorsey on the subject.

The rapper praised the Bitcoiners’ attitude on the liberation of the United States of America and humanity in general. The podcast episode published thus recorded these communications and combined a lot more power to the blockchain technology, mainly when it originates from an important personality like his.

Kanye West’s prospect of freedom and liberation appears to be related to the racial disparity in the political system. However, this includes yet is not bound to the conventional monetary system.

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