John McAfee announces he’s back at controlling Ghost crypto project

Controversial cybersecurity legend John McAfee says he is back at controlling his privacy-focused project - Ghost crypto.

By · Oct 19, 2020 . 6min read

John McAfee Ghost crypto project news

Controversial cybersecurity legend and crypto bull John McAfee announces he is back at controlling the development of his privacy-focused stablecoin project – Ghost crypto.

McAfee hinted on this in a recent tweet where he posted

I have returned to controlling the $GHOST development. My feud with management has ended. With the announcement that we will soon release a private stable coin, will mark a new era in transacting crypto business. Transaction fees will be shared amongst all $GHOST holders.

The interesting part of all this drama is that McAfee appears to be tweeting from prison in Spain where he awaits extradition back to the United States for tax fraud charges. The SEC also slammed him charges for promoting illegal ICOs.

Back in August, John McAfee took to Twitter to break the news that he is pulling out of the Ghost Crypto project.

“I am abandoning the $Ghost project. Management is incapable of making a success of the project. It will, without a doubt fail,”

The wacky crypto bull conceived Ghost to be “privacy-first and decentralized” giving users who transact in absolute anonymity. However, due to “power tussle” with the developers and McAfee, the latter pulled out initially.

“I tried to explain the fundamental principles of management, but they fell on deaf ears. My apologies to those that I led astray. Sorry.” 

John McAfee’s latest decision turnaround concerning the Ghost crypto project no doubt comes as a surprise. Quite clearly, McAfee dishes out surprises now and then as a highly controversial person that he is. But in this case, John McAfee appears to be tweeting about a project that took a 50% dip in price after his exit announcement.

John McAfee has pumped crypto prices in the past, could Ghost return announcement be another pump and dump scheme?

John McAfee has notoriously pumped cryptocurrencies prices in the past. Back in 2017 December, McAfee would tweet daily cryptocurrency projects he thinks are “nice” projects. At some point, he reported of hackers hijacking his verified Twitter handle where they tweeted and pumped their project to unsuspecting victims who fell for their schemes. He soon regained access to his account but blamed his telecom provider for initiating an unauthorized SIM swap.

And now could this be another case where someone is tweeting without McAfee’s consent who is in prison? Or could it just be that McAfee actually has custody of his mobile in prison hence tweeting and up to one of his tricks of pumping cryptocurrencies again? Is McAfee trying to “Ghost” the public this time around?

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