JCBI welcomes Four New Companies to Expand Content Distribution

Dentsu and four other companies joins The Japan Contents Blockchain Initiative to create, monetize and expand content using Blockchain.

By · Sep 9, 2020 . 5min read

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The Japan Contents Blockchain Initiative(JCBI) announced via a blog post that Dentsu, Dentsu International Information Services, Avex Technologies Inc. (ISID), and SingulaNet, Inc. had joined the Japan Contents Blockchain Initiative. JCBI is an autonomous, decentralized blockchain consortium. It aims to protect and expand Japanese content distribution.

Digging Details About Companies Joining JCBI

Dentsu Inc. is a Japanese international advertising and public relations joint stock company headquartered in Tokyo. Apart from joining JCBI, Dentsu launched a joint research project named “nth distribution project,” which worked towards the monetization of content. ISID is an IT consulting firm. It is the subsidiary of Dentsu Inc. In January 2020, ISID initiated “SMAGt.”

Moreover, it implies SMart, AGriculture, Traceability. ISID is an ag-tech data distribution platform. Further, it employs blockchain to visualize agricultural produce production history and transaction status.

Avex has been functioning together with artists and creators as an IP creation company. It assists them in creating, cultivating, and protecting IP. Additionally, it uses cloud and blockchain technology. SingulaNet is a blockchain consultancy services firm that developed a blockchain-based app ‘I-pinx’ to enable users to build and distribute content like photos, videos, and even sentences.

Japanese Consortium Expands to Eleven Companies

Seven companies launched the consortium. Additionally, it includes Asahi Shimbun, C-POT, Eight Links, Hakuhodo, Kentaurosworks, Genpon, and United. However, with the inclusion of these new four companies, the consortium’s membership has expanded to 11 companies. Additionally, companies that join JCBI will quickly expand their services on the platform jointly operated by the consortium.

According to the consortium, joining the services developed by the companies on the platform, JCBI will be capable of boosting the co-creation of new businesses. However, two services have previously been designed and provided on the platform collectively operated by JCBI. Card Hunter is a service for distributing digital content through television programs. Additionally, C-Guardian is a service for copyright protection of digital content.

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