Japan’s city to launch Blockchain-based digital coupons for tourism

Amidst Japan receiving bomb threats, Aizuwakamatsu city is introducing blockchain-based tokens for tourism developed by DeCurret exchange.

By · Oct 15, 2020 . 5min read

Japan Blockchain-based digital coupons news

Japan city Aizuwakamatsu will launch a native, blockchain-based spending solution for those who are practicing an innovative virtual currency circulation protocol built by nation’s crypto exchange, Decurret. Customers can utilize the currency for dinner and at the same time, earn interest. DeCurret Co., Ltd. has offered an infrastructure that utilizes the blockchain-based digital coupons for the tourism revitalization project “Superb Hashigoshu” in Aizuwakamatsu City. 

Tourists can purchase blockchain tokens before visiting.

Decurret also declared that it would present a blockchain wallet for the city, describing its Aizu Wallet. Moreover, the system will enable settings such as exchanging with stock open for digital coupons, bonus and award credits, “local ventures,” and Aizuwakamatsu-established crowdfunding designs.

The company informed that the city’s visitors could trade blockchain-supported virtual coupons and tokens before their arrival. Thus, making the process of paying in eating places simpler and contactless. Decurret announced that 14 Aizuwakamatsu sake producers have already signed up to provide visitors to spend their blockchain-powered coupons or tokens at their stores.

DeCurret combines the platform for issuing and managing digital currencies on the blockchain built in-house with the ID payment platform of TIS Co., Ltd. Issuance and management. The company is also involved in popularizing its business. It includes holding study sessions to achieve a valuable digital payment infrastructure utilizing digital currencies.

Japan’s Aizuwakamatsu fascinates tourists?

It’s worth mentioning that Aizuwakamatsu is one of the most beautiful cities for tourists. The famous Tsurugajo castle is there. It’s also renowned for sake (so-called Japanese rice wine) manufacturing. Some businesses have been producing the beverage for over 400 years. 

Moreover, Japan’s local governments have been encountering a flood of extortion attempts demanding Bitcoin from the last three months. Bomb threats were received in at least 18 areas since July. As per the report, the extortionists demand bitcoin payments in order to withdraw the atomic explosive device.

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