Japanese football player Keisuke Honda rolls out its KSK Honda Coin

Japanese footballer Keisuke Honda's token called KSK Honda Coin, intends to encourage fan engagement. The coin will benefit the fans largely.

By · Oct 27, 2020 . 6min read

Keisuke Honda KSK Honda Coin news

Digital currencies are a famous way for stars and athletes to strengthen engagement with their fans and supporters. Various renowned football clubs have already launched its tokens, with the current one being Barcelona. Recently, a Japanese professional football player, Keisuke Honda, supported the trend. A former Japan midfielder and recently the captain of Brazilian professional league team Botafogo, Keisuke Honda recently announced the development of his token. The coin is dubbed as KSK Honda Coin. Keisuke Honda’s KSK Honda coin will offer various benefits to fans.

Keisuke Honda recently plays and captains Brazilian top-flight club Botafogo. He also manages the Cambodian national team. He is the nation’s most popular footballer of all time. Moreover, he played for European football giants AC Milan in 2014 and 2017.

Keisuke Honda to increase engagement through KSK Honda Coin.

 The Keisuke Honda’s KSK Honda Coin was formed on the Rally.io blockchain. Moreover, it serves as a means through which the supports can relate to the Japanese pro player. Through this coin, the footballer aims to give his fans across the globe an unparalleled access to his life as a soccer player and as an entrepreneur.

As per the blog post, launching KSK Honda Coin will provide various benefits to the star’s fans. These incorporate access to exclusive video updates. The fans will get video updates of Honda on and off the field as he moves around the world. Additionally, the fan will have access to special Discord chats with the footballer. Moreover, via Keisuke Honda’s KSK Honda Coin he will get to realize his biggest supporters via special social conversations.

Crypto and Blockchain in Soccer

Football players and clubs have been using cryptocurrency and blockchain to support most of their activities. Earlier, famous Spanish football club, FC Barcelona, launched its native token called “BAR” as a means to increase engagement with the supporters. Additionally, the token sale reached massive participation on the fan tokenization platform, Socios. Approximately 600,000 BAR tokens were sold out entirely within a few hours, making the record as the fastest fan token sale.

Additionally, Zenit St. Petersburg, a Russia Premier League team signed on to an Ethereum-based fantasy soccer platform named Sorare. By this move, the team tried to build collectible blockchain cards for its players and deliver them in the blockchain-based game. However, the team followed hundreds of other international soccer teams. Additionally, it includes Atletico Madrid, Juventus, PSG.

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