Research Survey shows Institutional Investors are Bullish on Bitcoin and Crypto assets

Investors are actively considering investments in Bitcoin and other crypto assets, reports a survey by Evertas insurance firm.

By · Sep 22, 2020 . 6min read

Research survey on Bitcoin and Crypto assets news
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A recent survey report by Evertas, a cryptocurrency insurance firm, suggests that institutional investors are eyeing to increase their position in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency assets between now and the next five years.

The survey gives off some interesting figures on institutional investors perception on specific points and the reasons for their choices. Firstly, as per the report, 64% of the respondents expect a slight rise in crypto investments. Digging further on where the investments will be coming from, pension funds, family officers, insurers, and sovereign wealth funds tops their list. About 26% of respondents posit that they will “dramatically” increase their investments in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. That sums up to 90% of the respondents having a favourable perception towards crypto-investment.

As for their reasons for positive investment inflow for Bitcoin and crypto assets, 84% cited improving regulating infrastructure. Moreover, 80% reported that investments have been flowing in and expect more liquidity in these assets.

Also, among the respondents to the survey expecting a surge in institutional investors in bitcoin, 76% expect there will be more mainstream financial services companies and fund managers.

Moreso, Evertas a cryptocurrency insurance provider was the reporter of the survey. To buttress their importance in the growing industry, 56% of survey respondents expressed that they were “very concerned” about lack of suitable insurance coverage for investments in cryptocurrencies.

The industry needs Insurance for easy flow of institutional investors into asset classes like Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Without any doubt, financial industries require adequate insurance to grow optimally. Moreso, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies come with volatility risks. Even asides that, risks of loss of private wallet keys could spell huge losses to crypto-asset holders. And of course, regulators mandate institutional investors to put in place insurance cover for third-party funds under management. Consequently, this is where Evertas comes in and readily serves institutional investors in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as per the survey.

In light of this, Evertas recently raised $2.8 million in Seed stage funding stage and plans to expand its offerings.

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