India to surpass China in leading Bitcoin P2P trading volume

India's bitcoin P2P trading has grown enormously with the lifting of RBI ban on crypto, whereas China's trade owing to the digital Yuan.

By · Nov 8, 2020 . 5min read

India Bitcoin P2P trading latest news

India and China are recently prominent nations when it comes to peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading. India has recorded a tremendous amount of extension in its bitcoin P2P trades this year. Growing at this rate, India is poised to exceed China as the principal contributor to the Asian Bitcoin P2P trading volume.

India and China’s weekly P2P trading volumes

According to the reports, China outlawed its residents from undeviatingly purchasing the crypto asset utilizing their Yuan currency. Thus, decreasing the number of trades with the bitcoin. Contrarily, India has witnessed an improvement in the number of trades. As the value of the bitcoin has increased, various traders are more likely to improve their trading in the coin. 

India’s Supreme Court decision led to an 87% increase in P2P volume.

India prevails as one of the biggest remittance beneficiary countries, according to the World Bank. The data implies that Indians transferred $83 billion worth of remittance in 2019, which made up 2.9% of the country’s total GDP. Owing to the COVID-19 outbreak, the remittances have decreased; however, it seems a part of the population has moved focus to Bitcoin to connect the gap.

Bitcoin adoption has risen since the Supreme Court elevated the banking restrictions. This judgment offered an 87% increase to the weekly P2P volume in India. The country has also seen leading exchanges like Binance promoting P2P with more suitable payment methods such as Paytm. Although India is not free of the administrative difficulties yet, users have been actively promoting crypto and, the nation will soon exceed China in terms of the trading volume.

Paxful is one of the leading P2P trading organizations.

Reports state that LocalBitcoin had managed the crypto market, till September when it decided to complete the KYC guidelines. Paxful was capable of gaining a major share of the market when it implemented the KYC guide. It is leading as the largest P2P trading platform. This, nevertheless, did not prevent Asia’s trading volume from nosediving.

The price of Bitcoin is increasing continuously for the past two to three weeks. Presently, the bitcoin is selling for over $15,000. Numerous specialists have prophesied that the bitcoin can trade for as high as $20,000. The rate of acceptance and adoption of Bitcoin has immensely grown.

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