IGGalaxy Shifts from Tron to Matic Network for Enhanced Blockchain Gaming Experience

Blockchain gaming platform IGGalaxy moves to Matic Network. It aims to solve the issues on platform with seamless blockchain gaming experience.

By · Sep 17, 2020 . 6min read

IGGalaxy shifts to Matic Network news
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IGGalaxy, a blockchain gaming platform earlier today announced that it is shifting from the Tron network to Matic Network. The IGGalaxy is designed and developed to interconnect the different stakeholders within the gaming and e-Sports industry to provide a digital economy. IGGalaxy anticipates that this migration will enable the platform to go mainstream. Additionally, it aims to eliminate the performance confinements of the Ethereum main chain.

IGGalaxy’s Digital Token Economy

The IG platform intends to overcome the widening gap between casual and professional competitive gamers. The digital token economy within the IGGalaxy is value creation and exchange mechanism that plays an essential role in aligning the network participants’ incentives. In addition to providing a new business model that will support sustainability, scalability, and monetization, adopting a distributed digital token economy for the IGGalaxy solves multiple problems in e-Sports and the general competitive gaming space. IGGalaxy offers tokens to players to participate in video games, video content, and e-Sports.

Matic Network Offers Seamless Blockchain Gaming Experience

Matic Network is an Ethereum sidechain that promotes scalability, an issue that the Ethereum blockchain is viewing due to the excellent demand for DeFi. According to Matic Network, Blockchain gaming industry faces a lot of challenges. Blockchain game developers cope with slow transaction times and high transaction fees, leading to poor user experience. Thus, it strives to offer a seamless, blockchain gaming experience.

According to Naeem Shabir, the co-founder of IGGalaxy, Matic network’s move would probably offer a seamless user experience. It would also support the company to obtain more excellent mainstream traction. He elaborates that using Matic’s high throughput and cost-effective network will be prominent in establishing IGGalaxy as the space for social, competitive gaming and esports.

 Earlier, Matic Network, an Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution, concluded its Deployment Week. Additionally, it revealed the introduction of Matic Network gaming week. It revealed five new gaming DApps. It anticipates that these gaming DApps will revolutionize the gaming industry. Moreover, the five gaming DApps include Synergy of Serra, CrypCade, Pirates 2048, CryptoAssault, and Boom Elements. 

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