Blockchain based ICC AOKpass App Facilitates Easy Travel During Covid-19

While the world is coping with Covid-19 , ICC launches blockchain-based ICC AOKpass app to verify COVID-19 compliance status of individuals.

By · Sep 6, 2020 . 6min read

Blockchain ICC AOKpass Travel App news

Earlier today, a blockchain-powered app that intends to facilitate easy travel during the Covid-19 pandemic has launched. The app, entitled ICC AOKpass, allows users to verify their Covid-19 status on a real-time basis. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) developed the ICC AOKpass app in association with medical and travel security firm International SOS to verify individuals’ COVID-19 compliance, including immunity passports. 

ICC AOKpass’s Pilot Test Witnessed Successful Conclusion

Various enterprises trialled ICC AOKpass. Earlier in July, the firm finished a pilot test with a Singapore company Energy Drilling Management. The company required a ten-strong crew to travel aboard an oil rig vessel to direct drilling services for their client, PTT Exploration and Production (PTTEP), in Thailand. 

The screening of all the ten personnel included a PCR swab test. Further, a doctor confirmed the results. Their medical results were saved on the crew’s AOKpass app. They were from an accredited source and authenticated through the app. This gave the authorities assurance and promoted a smooth entry to Songkhla Port Authority when they arrived in Thailand.

ICC AOKpass Blockchain App: A Saviour Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

Juliana Gim, managing director of International SOS Singapore, elucidates that the advantageous experience of ICC AOKpass puts forth how safe travel is probable against the outburst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic has driven blockchain firms to study how they can expedite travel limitations established by authorities. Juliana further states that the successful pilot of ICC AOKpass with Energy Drilling is encouraging. It aims to achieve a trusted and standardized global system to support the return to work over many industries. 

Earlier, VeChain declared the launch of its market-ready blockchain-enabled food safety solution ToolChain. The announcement states that it would track food safety during the Covid-19 pandemic. VeChain is a blockchain platform that intends to enhance supply chain management. ToolChain enables the deployment of blockchain technology in the food sector. 

Conclusively, nearly every industry is suffering the brunt of the pandemic, government and other organizations are now exploring solutions to allow immune and low-risk individuals to return to work safely. The ICC AOKpass is customizable to meet companies’ and governments’ needs, i.e., for integrating new testing methods. While it addresses the current crisis, the solution can verify other immunization and compliance records of individuals. 

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