IBM launches blockchain-enabled IBM digital health pass owing to Covid-19

IBM is launching blockchain-based digital health pass to help individuals return safely to workspaces post Covid-19 lockdown.

By · Oct 14, 2020 . 6min read

IBM launches blockchain digital health pass news

The tech giant, IBM, intends to launch a blockchain-based app named IBM Digital Health Pass. This move is initiated by the firm to assist the organizations and companies. It intends to assist firms preparing to resume operations post lockdown owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. The healthcare-focused arm of IBM, i.e. IBM Watson Health, will launch this app. Moreover, via the app, people will be capable of returning to physical contact areas without the risk of personal privacy.

IBM digital health pass to check the health status

People will be capable of verifying health status onsite with the guidance of this app. Users will have to download the IBM Digital Health Pass or another third-party app. While login, the app will request for identity verification. When the appropriate data is available, e.g., COVID-19 tests or temperature scan results, QR codes are scanned to combine this data to the users’ digital wallet, which generates a credential. Additionally, the credential is available and detachable at any time.

IBM envisions usage of Digital Health Pass in public gatherings requiring health checks. For instance, in aeroplanes, galleries, or at sports events. Credentials will serve as a method of health evidence. Countries worldwide are preparing themselves for additional lockdowns; presently, organizations can utilize Digital Health Pass to assist employees in returning to the workplace while maintaining safety and privacy.

Users privacy tops IBM’s priority list.

According to one of the executives at IBM, transparency and trust are on the top preferences of the firm while producing a digital health passport. Blockchain is going to play an essential role in this as it will guarantee transparency and thus support the privacy of the users. The firm aims to help organizations and companies through this ongoing global health crisis. 

Earlier, the Health N Go collaborated with Swiss laboratory network Medisupport and Matisa to trial Blockchain Digital Health certificate. The solution intends to securely issue digital health certificates from an official authority, like a doctor or health organization. The app serves as proof that users are COVID-19 free. 

Conclusively, IBM Digital Pass preserves the privacy of the users. More users will be capable of sharing information without disclosing any underlying data to that. They will be able to step outside the house without worrying about contacting COVID-19 or concerns about spreading it.

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