Health n Go Concludes Trials of Blockchain Digital Health Certificate

In context to the Covid-19, Health n Go teamed up with Medisupport and Matisa employees to trial Covid-19 free blockchain digital certificate.

By · Sep 4, 2020 . 6min read

Health n Go using Blockchain

Health n Go, a Swiss blockchain health certificate app collaborated with the Swiss laboratory network Medisupport and Matisa, a Swiss railway equipment manufacturer, to trial the app with Matisa employees. Results from the trial of Health n Go blockchain health certificate app are promising. They demonstrate that health certificates can be digitally delivered securely and remotely. Additionally, it respects individuals’ privacy.

The Health n Go solution intends to securely issue digital health certificates from an official authority, like a doctor or health organization. The platform utilizes blockchain technology to distribute tickets securely. Most recently it distributed tickets for major sporting events run by global and European sports organizations. It includes football tickets on behalf of UEFA. 

Health n Go to leverage Blockchain Technology to Prevent Counterfeit Digital Certificates

The pilot commenced in early July at Matisa’s production site in Crissier. Each user downloaded the Health n Go app onto their mobile phone and bestowed it to the health professional conducting their Covid-19 test. However, after scanning the app’s QR code, the health professional examined the person’s identity. Then the officials took the nose and throat swabs and examined the test sample code.

According to Health n Go, every trial user fortuitously obtained their digital health certificate. Further, this indicates the app serves as proof that users are COVID-19 free. It is especially useful for those who may need to travel across-borders for work through this time of travel restrictions. Moreover, blockchain is used to verify the results. Each test result has a certificate with a unique identity. However, the app can verify other virus tests also.

Utilizing artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, this system guarantees adequate protection on any attempt at certificate fraud. The unique identity of each certificate decreases the risk of duplication or counterfeiting. Moreover, the system observes the types of fraud attempts that could lead to revoking a certificate. The solution can be hosted on a national private or public cloud and is GDPR compliant to address health data requirements. Additionally, it can help users who may need proof of vaccination, or proof of health, to work in virus-prone areas.

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