Graph Protocol introduces GRT token sale prior network launch

Indexing Protocol, the Graph is now selling its GRT tokens, before its network launch. It will help optimize data and secure the network.

By · Oct 15, 2020 . 5min read

Graph Protocol GRT token sale news

The Graph protocol introduces its ERC-20 based token, the GRT token. The token sale will take place from October 22-24. The Graph is an indexing protocol. It organizes blockchain data and makes it quickly accessible with GraphQL. This year the Graph Foundation will be originating The Graph Network. Moreover, it is a decentralized network of indexers, curators, and delegators. Additionally, they will operate together to create the world’s blockchain data, serve applications, and stimulate the transition to a decentralized future.

After an outpour of anticipation we’re excited to announce details of The Graph’s GRT Sale. Prepare to use GRT as an Indexer, Curator or Delegator in the network & help make decentralized apps possible! (Non-US only)

The Graph Protocol

GRT token sale is accessible for non-US participants.

The Graph protocol will trade 400 million coins on the 10 billion token supply at the 0.03 cents per coin through the token sale. The protocol provides blockchain companies to build and utilize their own APIs, which implies that applications communicate with each other to obtain precise data. Registration for the token sale closes on the 15th. Additionally, the token sale is only open for non-US participants.

Graph’s token sale to occur in three phases.

The Graph’s GRT sale will optimize distribution to community members who aim to participate in the network. This includes indexers, curators, or delegators. Moreover, the token sale will take place over 3 phases.

In Phase 1, a list of registrants who prioritize will buy tokens up to their individual caps. Participants are identified as a priority based on their community participation and anti-Sybil exposure during the registration process. Additionally, in Phase 2, all registered participants will buy up to their caps. Approximately 100,000,000 GRT will be possessed for Phase 2 so that there is a guarantee of a second day.

In Phase 3, all registered participants can purchase up to the amount available. However, if the tokens sell out by the conclusion of Phase 2, there will be no Phase 3. However, the protocol states that as soon as all tokens for sale are sold either in Phase 2 or Phase 3, the sale will terminate.

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