Gary Vaynerchuk ditches Craig Wright’s upcoming CoinGeek Conference

Gary Vaynerchuk says he pulled out of Craig Wright's CoinGeek conference after more in-depth looking.

By · Sep 23, 2020 . 6min read

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Popular marketing guru and public speaker Gary Vaynerchuk have pulled out of Craig Wright’s upcoming CoinGeek conference where he was initially listed to be a speaker.

Gary Vee as fondly called was initially listed as a speaker for the conference where he was expected to speak on the topic “Social Content Creators moving on-chain to make money”. Although CoinGeek released a statement following Gary Vaynerchuk’s decision, many posit it’s due to Craig Wright’s ongoing Bitcoin-Nakamoto saga. CoinGeek tweeted saying:

After further consideration, Gary has decided that given all the intricacies of Bitcoin, he is unable to speak on a panel about Social Content Creators moving on chain to make money without a further understanding of the topic. We fully respect and support @garyvee’s decision.

However, with CoinGeek’s explanation, it appeared there might be more to it than meet the eyes. Apparently, someone within the cryptocurrency community who saw the list had tweeted:

Another person promptly tagged Gary Vaynerchuk as regarding the conferencing where Craig Wright and others would be speaking. He accused the other speakers as frauds asking Gary Vee to jettison the invite.

Subsequently, Gary Vee responded that he had pulled out after more in-depth looking.

Gary Vaynerchuk may have decided to look into Craig Wright’s history

Despite Gary’s generous response, one may have temptations to ask what “more in-depth looking” means. Evidently, it’s no news anymore that Craig Wright, the Chief Scientist of n-Chain and holder of numerous patents claims he is Satoshi Nakamoto. And by extension, it means he is the creator of Bitcoin. This has led to him becoming one of the most hated personalities in crypto as people have continually called him a fraud. On the other hand, Craig Wright has not been able to prove he is Satoshi Nakamoto conclusively.

And for many who keeps calling him out for fraud and impersonation, Craig Wright slammed them with lawsuits. Thus, Wright dragged Peter Mccormack, a known Bitcoin Maximalist and a few others to court for defamation. Consequently, this sparked an outrage which led to CZ delisting Wright’s Bitcoin SV coin from his exchange. Following CZ who is a known influencer in the crypto space, many other exchanges toed the same path which led to a brutal dip in Bitcoin SV price then.

So many people see this as a good step to keep shutting down Craig Wright for his “toxic attitude” towards the broader cryptocurrency space.

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