Food giant JBS launches “Together for Amazon” initiative via Blockchain

The world’s largest food processing company, JBS will use blockchain technology to conserve Amazon via "Together with Amazon" initiative.

By · Oct 21, 2020 . 5min read

JBS launches "Together for Amazon" initiative news

One of the world’s largest food company, JBS launches “Together for the Amazon” initiative. For the uninformed, JBS is a multinational food company with a presence in 15 countries. Blockchain is the JBS Green Platform’s foundational technology to anchor the value chain’s development of the key pillars of JBS’ new “Together for the Amazon” program. It is a set of initiatives that improve the conservation and advancement of the Amazon Biome. Moreover, it engages the livestock industry and recommends actions surpassing its value chain.

 The program encompasses climate change, designated priority within the JBS global sustainability targets presented in 2019. Additionally, the additional three pillars of “Together for the Amazon” include forest conservation and restoration, support for the communities, scientific and technological development.

JBS Green platform in four phases

The first pillar for the “Together for Amazon” initiative by JBS comprises of JBS Green Platform. It will cross-check the company’s direct suppliers’ data with livestock transportation data from leading links in the supply chain. JBS intends to roll out its blockchain-based Green Platform in four-phases. Moreover, by December 2020, it expects to achieve its development and work on its information and engagement strategy with the supply chain.

The second phase will examine the JBS Green platform in operation, which will be identified by the commencement of the reviews of the suppliers’ direct suppliers of JBS in the state of Mato Grosso. Additionally, the third phase will comprise the development of the platform to other countries in the Amazon Biome. However, ultimately, the fourth phase by direct suppliers to the Green Platform becomes a requirement for selling cattle to JBS.

According to the blog post, the three pillars of the “Together for the Amazon” program will be achieved via a new fund designed to finance initiatives for developing forest conservation, promoting sustainable development of the local communities, and scientific and technological development. The company has agreed to a minimum donation of R$ 250 million to this fund in the first five years to ensure that it starts its activities and implements its initiatives. Additionally, its target is to strike R$1 billion by 2030.

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