Fluree wins a contractual agreement with US Air force, provides data management platform

US Air Force has announced that it will be utilizing blockchain technology in it's operations. Fluree aims to ease communications for defense departments.

By · Jul 18, 2020 . 4min read

Photo by John Torcasio on Unsplash

The US Air Force announced it’s contractual agreement with Fluree, blockchain based data management platform. The two agreed to partner in June. The announcement, however, remained undisclosed publicly until recently.

The announcement was made in February .The project will now be followed through with. The Air Force’s cyber weapons factory in Texas will be the point of execution of the contract. It is the latest step that the Air Force is taking towards utilizing blockchain technology on the battlefield.

Blockchain uses encryption and distributed computing power to create a constantly updating and cryptographically secure ledger. Since each new block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, the entire history of the chain is built-in. It is impossible to change any details whatsoever.

The Air Force’s interest in blockchain intensified because of it’s robustness against cyber attacks. It will be used to verify data about enemy whereabouts. The information about friendly forces will also be easily accessible. At the end of the day, blockchain’s purpose is to bring a sense of integrity to the Air Force’s data. Hence, the latter will now understand how their data is used and known by whom.

Currently, the Air Force builds Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to access data. These are monetarily expensive and have to be built in thousands. Moreover, each one of them may have to be unique as well. Therefore, Blockchain is far more efficient in this sense and is cost effective.

In addition to the uses cases above, the US defense is also looking towards Blockchain for predictive maintenance and manufacturing supply chain security.

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