Florida Tax Collector Utilized Public Money for Private Blockchain Company

A recent audit in Florida found that former Seminole County Tax Collector, billed the Seminole Tax Collector's Office for his private company.

By · Aug 17, 2020 . 7min read

Florida Tax collector
Source : Orlandosentinel
 Joel Greenberg enjoys a light moment with his family -daughter Madison and wife Abby

Cryptocurrency and blockchain-related scams have flooded 2020. There are many scams which are socially-engineered. Nevertheless, recently a unique accusation is surrounded by the former tax collector of Florida. A recent audit of Seminole County in Florida found that former Seminole County Tax Collector, Joel Greenberg, 35, billed the Seminole Tax Collector’s Office $65,860 last year to buy supplies private blockchain company. However, the twist here is that he ultimately paid the money via a series of cheques.

Greenberg made many attempts to convert his wrong deeds into right secretly. According to Orlandosentinel, he was accused of several federal charges in June. Some charges are distinct from financial theft. Additionally, charges relating to stalking a political opponent constituted his wrong deeds . Moreover, he also utilized his office to produce fake identification and stealing old driver’s licenses.

Joel Greenberg Reimbursed the Stolen Funds?

Joel Greenberg used the $65,860 to purchase computer servers for Government Blockchain Systems LLC. He established this to “capitalize on blockchain technology.” In June, this year, the company dissolved. The company billed the Tax Collector’s office for 20 servers on Sept. 9, 2020.

Inexplicably, the company delivered a receipt back to the Tax Collector’s Office. According to the receipt, transactions of the amount of 15 of 20 computers were done. Additionally, the receipt listed $33,007.90 for servers plus $7,852.10 in transportation and tariffs. To make up $25,000, the company had initially billed the Tax Collector’s Office for issuing a cashier’s check for $25,000 from Fairwinds Credit Union, where he holds a personal account.

Additionally, in an e-mail to the Tax Collector’s Office accounting supervisor on Feb. 11, Greenberg penned that “40,860 will arrive tomorrow via cheque to make up the balance of 65,860 minus 25,000 already refunded.”

As per Orlando Sentinal, it’s pretty unclear why Greenberg reimbursed the stolen funds. Earlier, in September 2019, Greenberg stated that the private company is “owned” by the Tax Collector’s office. Moreover, Greenberg filed paperwork to make the Tax Collector’s office the sole member of the company. Furthermore, the list of managers included Greenberg and a man named Samuel Armes.

The tax collector’s budget performs a prominent role in Seminole County Government. The Seminole County Government garners millions of dollars every year from the residents. Seminole utilizes that cash immersion to assist in paying for services, like mending roads, maintaining parks, running libraries, etc. With Greenberg’s scam in the picture, we hope the Government doesn’t encounter any more scams that would affect the residents.

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