Eth 2.0 Client developer Prysmatic Labs announces date for Prysm V1 release

Developer firm Prysmatic Labs announces the date for the release of mainnet Prysm V1 for the smooth transition to Eth 2.0.

By · Nov 14, 2020 . 6min read

Prysmatic Labs announces Prysm V1 release latest news

One of the developer firm working on the release of Ethereum Client for the smooth transition to Eth 2.0 Prysmatic Labs has announced that Prysm V1 client will be released on mainnet before November 24th.

In a Medium post, Lead Developer at Ral Jordan made the announcement saying

Before November 24th, we will publish a mainnet-ready, v1 release of our code that anyone can run, including tagged binaries via our easy script, docker builds, and also allowing you to build from source

And for those anticipating the Client release, the next update will not be the Medalla testnet. However, Prysmatic Labs will release a new testnet it dubs Prymont by next week, opening it up for public participation.

The key features of Prysm V1 for Eth 2.0 includes Slashing protection interchange format and compatibility and compliance with the v1.0.0 specification for eth2 phase 0. Prysm V1 will also be compatible with the mainnet configuration to be ready at the genesis of Eth 2.0. Lastly, on this, beacon node, validator client, and slasher implementation for Eth 2.0 phase 0 will all be ready in the version one of the Client.

Eth 2.0 contract deposit released already, Prysm V1 Eth 2.0 will provide a user interface for easy staking.

Ethereum core developers released the Eth 2.0 deposit contract allowing interested validators to start staking. Just a few days back, Cryptodose Media reported that almost 50K ETH has been deposited into the staking contract. As at press time, data from Dune Analytics shows stakers have now deposited 59,361 ETH in 1,739 transactions.

Validators will help to confirm transactions on Ethereum network as soon as it transitions fully to Proof-of-Stake. This will increase the throughput of the Ethereum network. It will also make it cheaper for validators to opt-in as well as opt-out.

However, running a validator node may not be as simple and straightforward as it sounds. For this, Prysmatic Labs encourages intending network validators to participate in a testnet before participating in mainnet. This should help boost their confidence as they simulate a mainnet with faucets. Prysmatic Labs also recommends that testnet participators start a new instance or machine for staking in mainnet. This is to forestall any event of a security breach of wallet, keys, or databases participators may have used during testnets.

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