Epic Games vs Apple Censorship, Blockchain Dapps Solve this

Apple unilaterally took the decision of removing or censoring apps and accounts which cannot happen in blockchain dapps

By · Aug 19, 2020 . 12min read

What is beginning to look like a protracted battle between two mainstream companies, speaking of Epic, the game development company and Apple’s censorship of the gaming company because it says the latter breached its terms of reference could change quickly with blockchain and the permissionless nature of dapps.

If you have been following the saga between these two, you would have easily noticed how dangerous the game Big Techs such as Apple continues to play in its subjugation of smaller companies has become.

Apple yanked off Fortnite, one of Epic’s games because Epic bypassed the latter’s payment policy. The game development company continues to complain of Apple’s crippling 30 percent fee on all payments within its store.

While Epic was facing Apple on a front, Google went ahead to delist Fortnite from its Playstore. One would then begin to imagine how Epic could win this war on two fronts. Hard to fathom.

To make matters worse, Apple recently threatened to terminate all of Epic’s access to all iOS and Mac developer tools as retaliation for Epic’s payment bypass.

Of course, Epic has filed for a court injunction in a bid to prevent Apple from dealing it one last blow which could eventually become the epically it.

In a report, Epic says if Apple eventually carries out its threat which it would likely do that:

“Apple’s actions will irreparably damage Epic’s reputation among Fortnite users and be catastrophic for the future of the separate Unreal Engine business,”

Before Epic, it was HEY with the same Apple

Obviously, this is not the first we hear stuff like this. Big Tech keeps kneeling on the neck of smaller companies perhaps to snuff the life out of them possibly. Anti-trust issues prop up every now and then with these giant tech companies. The other time it was David Heinemeier Hansson, the CTO of Basecamp and HEY founder spitting fire as Apple tries to force it to include an in-app subscription into its innovative email product. Calling it a ransom, Hansson said

“There is no chance in bloody hell that we’re going to pay Apple’s ransom. I will burn this house down myself before I let gangsters like that spin it for spoils. This is profoundly, perversely abusive and unfair.”

David Heinemeier Hansson

But this is Hansson, a well-known personality in Silicon Valley and not just some random persons. How many other developers and businesses have had to suffer this brazen censorship attitude from Apple and other Big Tech?

Epic vs Apple censorship battle is only but one of the problems out there, why not go through the Blockchain Dapp route?

Censorship is as real as the air we breathe, whether anyone wants to talk about it or not. And one of the best gifts bequeathed to us in this modern times is the ability to operate in a decentralized environment. Just looking at money through the eyes of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto or the ideas of a decentralized application called dapps by Vitalik Buterin and his the Ethereum team makes one wonder what this world would like without a decentralized alternative. It’s hard to argue that the Blockchain revolution that has swept through the sands of time while we are yet to scratch the surface is over. Not yet, the revolution is just starting.

Epic’s problem with Apple, which might eventually result in its demise could be quickly snapped off if it were building as a dapp solution. Obviously, anyone who knows what has been happening lately as regards to gas prices on Ethereum might dismiss dapp as an alternate solution. But Ethereum is not only there is in the Blockchain sphere. There is Algorand, Avalanche, TRON, EOS and even Cardano which recently decentralized with Shelley. Many of these blockchains have their strengths over themselves. Where one is weak, the other shows strength. So the excuse of gas price on Ethereum is not enough to dismiss the dapp alternative for Epic and others.

Within a dapp, even the developers cannot remove users as it is permissionless—definitely a sharp contrast to what we see in any of Apple or Google Playstore.

Dapp permissionless nature can be attributed to the growth we see in DeFi today.

Week in week out, we continue to see new records and ATH in the DeFi space. From Maker to Compound. Then to Aave and more recently Curve. All these have at one point in time have up to $1 billion Total Value Locked – TVL. While some have worked on their UI/UX to start matching their centralized counterparts, others haven’t. In fact, Curve Finance’s UI looks like an application stuck in time. Like the early Tetris game, but commands as much as $1 billion in TVL.

Curve Finance with $1bn TVL, EPic can learn and avoid Apple Censorship because Curve is a dapp
Curve Finance Interface

Common denominators among these DeFi protocols is the fact that they are permissionless. And more importantly, the users have a say how the protocols are run. They do this through an on-chain voting governance system. This is not the case with App stores like Apple or Google. If not, developers would have a say on how much fees or control these tech giants can wield. Of course, it’s not as we see with Epic where Apple unilaterally decided on removing or censoring apps and accounts which cannot happen in blockchain dapps.

Summarily, dapps solve the censorship problem and are still growing. The same way no one would have predicted Google’s Zero to One leap like Peter Thiel calls it, the dapp revolution is real, but only a few would become market movers.

Remember, no one thought very highly of Bitcoin in 2010, but now, the story has changed. The same way it will happen with dapps.

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