Epic Games Files Suit Against Apple and Google

Epic Games declared that it is filing a lawsuit against Apple and Google for removing its Fortnite game from the Apple and Google Play Store.

By · Aug 15, 2020 . 7min read

Epic games lawsuit Apple and Google

The latest development announced that Epic Games is suing Apple and Google for pulling its royal game, Fortnite from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Apparently, Epic Games bypassed Apple’s standards of 30% fee model by implementing its own in-app payment. However, Epic’s claims are minor complaints until the court takes the matter in their hands. Some analysts state that this was a pretty organized move against Apple and Google.

Epic Games also made the public announcement that it was adding a direct payment feature to its iOS and Android apps. Soon it released the legal complaint against Apple and Google. According to Sensor Tower statistics, Fortnite saw about 2.4 million downloads in the last 30 days on iOS. It produced $43.4 million in customer spending on App Store across the globe. Contrarily, there were 2.1 million installs from Google Play, though the game only generated $3.4 million.

Epic Games Explains Reason Behind Suing Apple

In an updated FAQ about Apple’s decision to eliminate Fortnite from the App Store, Epic Games stated:

  • Apple intentionally sabotages consumer iOS devices to prevent users from installing software directly from developers, as customers are free to do on PC and Mac. We know this is an intentional strategy because iOS does fully support installing software from the web — but only allows it for corporations.
  • Apple uses this direct-installation blockade to force consumers to use their App Store and then demands that game developers use their payment processing service. By blocking consumer choice in software installation, Apple has created a problem so they can profit from the solution.
  • Epic’s position is that all mobile developers and consumers have the right to choose alternate payment providers that charge less, as is the norm on all other general-purpose computing platforms, including Web, Windows, and Mac. We expect to see a general change in smartphone practices industry-wide for all developers that bring higher value and freedom of choice to consumers. We expect Apple to unblock Fortnite.

Is Apple and Google at Fault?

In defence of the lawsuit, Apple stated it pulled Fortnite game as it violated guidelines by Apple. It further noted that it applies uniformly to every developer. To assure the security is intact, these guidelines are prepared. Google also quoted Epic broke rules that were developed to keep the system safe. These guidelines are designed so that developers do not get tricked. The guidelines apply to all the developers across the globe.

Conclusively, Facebook, Microsoft, and other companies stung by Apple and Google’s store policies may enter Epic’s fight. They may even file lawsuits of their own now that Epic has been in the lead. However, Apple has said that it would talk and sort the issues out with Epic games. With court judgment underway and Epic aiming at the two tech giants, time will tell who flourishes and tears down.

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